June 6, 2016

Do You Know, You Can Use Your Smartphone As A Microscope Using this Simple Setup

Smartphones are always fascinating the users with their unexpected applications. Initially, mobiles used to serve only the purpose of communication with people. Later, due to the advancement of technology, they were used as cameras, music players, e-books reading etc.

You may be aware of all these things. But you may wonder by listening that a smartphone can also be used as a microscope ( an optical instrument used  to view very small objects) that to be at low cost and less material requirement.

All you need is the shortest focal length lens and its adapter. Let us see how this setup can be made in the following steps:

  • Obtain shortest focal length lens and then glue it to the adapter (or lens holder) using any adhesive (nail polish is the most preferable)


  • Orient this lens above the camera lens of your smartphone. After ensuring the proper alignment, fix the lens to the camera using the Scotch Tape around the edge of the lens holder.


  • This setup will work better when the image stabilization is turned on ( because your hands may shake) and settings should be such that entire field of view is not under the focus.




You may be amazed by viewing the objects through this. Magnification depends on the optics inside your smartphone. Here are some snapshots of the microscopic structure of few things viewed from this setup.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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