May 10, 2019

The ID.3 Electric Car from Volkswagen Is Open for Preorders

Electric vehicles are on the rise, thanks to the rising awareness of environmental sustainability. Many automobile giants are working towards making electric vehicles a common phenomenon. After Tesla, many other automotive companies are testing their vehicles and planning to launch them very soon. Volkswagen is one of them.

Features of ID.3 Electric Car

This electric car is going to be Volkswagen’s first long-range electric vehicle. It is going to be more capable than its predecessors. Volkswagen plans to launch three versions of this hatchback car. The starting price would be around $33,600, and on a single charge, it will go up to 330 kilometers for the ones that use a 45kWh battery. The other two cars will use a 58kWh battery and a 77kWh battery respectively. So, they would cover 420 kilometers and 550 kilometers respectively. However, a striking feature in all three models is that they are all capable of fast charging.

Some other features of this car include a GPS navigation system and voice control functionality. In addition to that, it might also make use of the Augmented Reality technology on its display. Additionally, it will also have a huge glass roof to give you a panoramic view. Although they have not announced the pricing for the top models, it would, perhaps, range around $45,000 for the first version. The company has announced no other specifications as of now. It is expected that the end of this year will see some more details about this new development in Volkswagen.

Modular Electric Toolkit

The Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB) is a technological platform specially designed for electric vehicles. It includes a battery pack and a motor. The Volkswagen group is planning to use it for all kinds of electric vehicles that exist. This toolkit is handy because these batteries make the floor of this platform. Therefore, the tech of the electric motor can be placed directly on the axels of the car. Due to this, there are no requirements for any drivetrain tunnel that is usually found in most of the combustion cars. As a result, this car will be very comfortable and spacious from the inside as compared to any other mid-sized car. Additionally, this MEB platform is the first step for Volkswagen to reach its target of manufacturing 22 million electric cars in the following ten years.

Hence, the next year is going to bring some exciting news for car enthusiasts. According to announcements, Volkswagen will launch this electric car in mid-2020. In addition to that, the company has already started taking orders for deliveries in Europe. In the first round, the company plans to make 30,000 of these cars. It will also offer free charging of up to 2,000 kWh during its first year. With so many amazing features, this car will definitely create a buzz in the market when it is launched. Currently, they have opened bookings for Europe and are preparing with full intensity for its first launch in the year 2020.

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