April 22, 2019

Tesla Model 3: Why It Is Best Electric Vehicle In World? Future Of Cars?

Tesla Model 3: Why It Is Best Electric Vehicle In World? Future Of Cars?

Living for yourself is Alright! But when you start spending each and every second of your rest of the life for people, it’s insane. People say that’s what Elon Musk is doing.

Let’s find out the truth index behind this statement. In Today’s guide of ALLTECHBUZZ Media, we will go through each and every minute detail, review, specification, comfort, pricing etc. of Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 is undoubtedly the best electric car on planet earth right now. Moreover, it is one of the most sold four wheeler or domestic/ commercial car in the world in 2018 and even in the first quarter (Q1) of 2019 as well.

From it’s birth to its a success, just stay tuned with this latest ALLTECHBUZZ guide right here. Tesla Model 3: An OverviewMost importantly we will talk about the features of the Tesla Model 3 that make it such a special vehicle.

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Tesla Model 3 Features

1. Standard 18-inch wheels:

They are not the best looking but they are incredibly unique in their design. In fact, according to the former head of aerodynamics, for Tesla, the wheel size and design is one of the most critical aspects for the overall aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle.

The wheels themselves are alloy but on top of that lie these plastic caps.

Now, why would have plastic hubcaps on a car, this expensive? Well, it’s not because they tried to save money by making an ugly or inexpensive wheel design, it’s actually to increase efficiency.

Check this out as air flows around the side of the car. These caps actually allow air to more easily pass down the side of the car instead of getting trapped in the wheel.

Well, causing inefficiencies overall this actually leads to aerodynamic efficiency and range extension increase of 10 per cent.

That’s right, 10 per cent efficiency. Just by having these caps. Now the crazy part is if you are not a fan of it, there is a kind of hidden benefit. They are actually removable.

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Check this out, it’s not that hard to do. All you have to do is grab them and give a nice little tug and underneath lies the actual wheel itself.

Now, Tesla didn’t focus on design whatever it was all about minimizing mass and rolling inertia at low speeds in the city having that lowing rolling inertial and lower mass means better efficiency than at high speeds on the highway.

Well, we have got these to direct air around the side of the vehicle. But, the cool unintended benefit of this is you. Can actually change the way your wheels look, whenever you want all you have to do is just remove these caps and then you’ve got a completely new wheel design and them actually for not focussing on design look really good.

There are of course optional 19-inch wheels for 1500 dollars that don’t have this benefit.

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2. Car Keys:

Tesla has revolutionized the modern day car. Well, there is no car key. Whatsoever actually, so how do you get into the vehicle, how do you lock and unlock it. Well, there are one of the two ways, the first and the coolest is the app.

You have got this Tesla app here, where all you have to do is have your phone in your pocket, you don’t even have to have the app open on the phone connects to the car via Bluetooth and when you get close to it. It allows you to open the door.

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So going to put the phone in my pocket here and walk up the car is currently unlocked. And, it senses that the app is near and I can just climb in the car. Now, to drive the car, you don’t even have to put your phone anywhere special.

All you have to do is put your foot on the brake, put the car into drive. And, go ahead and pull away then, the reverse holds true if you want to lock the vehicle. All you have to do is shut the door and walk away from your model 3.

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3. Smart In-App Features Apart From Key:

The Tesla app has a ton of cool functions in it. For one, if your vehicle is charging, you can click on the charging icon there and see all of the information. How much time it has left, how many miles of range right now.

You can even set the climate inside of the car. Let’s say, it is really hot out. You are in the house and you want to cool down the car beforehand, you can go ahead and do that same thing if it’s freezing you can heat up the car.

Not completely unique to Tesla, but still a cool feature. But, what’s really nice is you can lock and unlock your Tesla from anywhere in the world.

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Leave your car in a parking lot and forget if you locked it. Well, no problem at all you can just click the lock and unlock button on the app or let’s say you’re somewhere and you friend left their wallet inside of the Tesla, you can go ahead and open the vehicle for him, they can grab their stuff and then lock it back up.

Check out these additional features, if we go on over to the controls panel, we have got a series of controls that you can use on your Tesla Model 3 for instance. If you’re lost in a parking lot, late at night and want to locate the vehicle, you can flesh the headlights, with the click of a button, how cool is that.

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Now if you can’t find them via the headlights, you can even honk the horn, you can also open the front trunk as well as open the rear trunk just from the app itself. There are also two additional modes that you can set using the app.

There is a wallet mode where you can limit the vehicles acceleration and top speed. It also locks the trunk so that nobody can steal your belongings.

There’s also a speed limiter, if you give it to a friend, that maybe is irresponsible or you younger kids can set the exact top speed in which the Tesla Model 3 is able to reach. But, what happens if your phone runs out of battery or you leave it somewhere without the app.

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How are you possibly going to get into Tesla? Well, there is one other unique way of getting into your Model 3. The second way of getting into the Tesla Model 3 is by using this key card. It’s credit card shape, fits very easily in your wallet and all you have to do is walk up to the Model 3 and tap the key card right here on the b-pillar.

The vehicle goes head and unlocks up the car and then anything all you have to do is place the key card right behind the cupholders, and you’re ready to go. What’s really a great feature. The thing actually is you don’t even need to remove this key card from your wallet. If you have a thin enough wallet, leave that in there.

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You just pull that out and there you go. Just lock the Tesla, we could walk away. One of the Tesla Model 3’s crazy features is the interior itself. It is incredibly minimalistic. I mean all you have is this strip of the dash with this very nice wood. You can actually feel the grain to it feels high quality. The steering wheel and a 15-inch screen.

There are no buttons everywhere. There are no vents everywhere. It’s really simple as it gets and it improves visibility and also makes the cabin feel airier. Speaking of the screen, it controls nearly every single function of the vehicle. And, I mean everything from the steering wheel to the Air Vents.

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4. Smart 15-inch Model 3 Screen On Dash

Now the screen itself, the responsiveness is unbelievable, its touchscreen and works just as well as any smartphone or tablet. Really good graphics as well and even has some hidden gems.

Check this out, we click the T button here, scroll down, you can draw on your test. There are even a series of Atari Video Games that you can play on your Tesla. How crazy is that? Go ahead and click the Logo, we’ve got a series of options here. Asteroids, Lunar Lander Missile command, centipede.

I am not good at any of the games but we are going to attempt to play one briefly push to start it. Even has a little coin slot here. With a push to eject logo series of controls.

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Are you going to use this? Probably not, but the fact that Tesla put the energy into making this. Thanks, pretty cool. There is also a feature of the map. We’ve got a list of all of the supercharging stations in the United States.

So, you can plan your route out, if you want to make a long distance road trip in the Bay Area. Yeah, there are a ton of them. Arguably, one of the coolest features of model 3 has to do with these two scrolling wheels on the steering wheel.

Now, normally, you’re used to seeing some sort of label or indication that this would do volume up and down and maybe this would change the radio station.

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But there are no labels, whatsoever, it’s not really readily apparent. What they actually do and that is because they have a multitude of functions depending upon what setting you are in the multimedia system. Now, if you’re listening to the radio, yes these do control the volume.

But, what happens if you’re in another mode? So, we are going to go ahead and click the car buttons to bring u the set of controls. If you click on mirrors, if you notice you look throughout the cabin, here’s no typical mirror adjustment on the side door panel here.

Anywhere where you can adjust the location of the mirrors. Well, those have been relocated to the steering wheel as it says. Here we have now clicked the left mirror.

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If you will scroll downwards the mirror points down, If you scroll upwards the mirror points up. Similarly, the right and left adjustments take place. But the coolest thing is how it changes the tilt and telescope of the steering column itself.

Click on the steering wheel button and check it out. The level at which steering is there, it will change like anything. One would never think in any car an impressive feature would have to do with the air conditioning.

But, Tesla has revolutionized something once again. Even in high-end exotics, in the most luxurious vehicles in the world, nobody’s done anything radical with the air-conditioning vents. Sure, a little bit of design language maybe, nicer materials, but Tesla has changed the game.

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They have one enormous air vent that spans all the way from the left to the right side of the dash that blows air this way now. You’re probably thinking, well that’s good and although all the other air vents have toggles and switches.

So, I can adjust the air flow, so it’s pointed up or down or left or right. Well, Tesla had done that in an extraordinarily unique way. See, there is a secondary vent that runs along with with the dash.

Right here that actually blows air upwards, that upward air meets with the horizontal air to adjust the angle of the airflow pointed at you. How crazy is that now, how do you control it all, obviously with the touch screen.

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Here, go ahead and click the climate button and you’re brought up with this beautiful display with some of the coolest graphics you have ever seen. Definitely the coolest graphics of air flow in a vehicle on the market.

But, it’s showing the air just flowing out from the vents and check out what you can do. If you touch your finger to the side now, I am pointing the air to the right for the passenger pointing it to the left.

Pointing it up then and you can actually touch two fingers to split the air directly on the passenger side, into to move those individually up and down and you can do the same on the driver’s side. This feature works well honestly, thus, it is a kind of innovation.

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This next feature is so simple, yet shockingly overlooked by almost every single auto manufacturer. And, that is a convenient place to put yourself. Phone, where you can charge it and still visibly see the screen?

Why do you need to see the screen other than for doing illegal things like checking text using maps applications, now the Tesla maps are quite nice. But if you wanted to use Waze, for instance, to see the location of Police Officers communicate with other ways.

You can’t do so, you have to to use your cell phone, it seems so strange to ALLTECHBUZZ team that car manufacturers think that the most ideal spot for your phone is in a random cup holder or let’s charge it in the centre console.

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Here, where you can’t get access to it or even in the glove box. But, Tesla has done a fantastic job I think. The best job of any car maker at integrating your phone seamlessly check this out.

We’ve got this beautiful centre console here, although it does pick up quite a bit of fingerprint because it is this shiny black go ahead and click here. It’s magnetic releases upwards right here. You have a tilted spot for your phone to sip.

So, you can place your phone here and easily see the screen if you look even closer you will notice that there are even little ports at the bottom where you can slot in different charging devices.

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Elon Musk’s Expenditures On Tesla

To learn this, first of all, you will have to put a little glimpse on How Elon Musk makes and spends his billions. Elon Musk is worth $20 billion. In college, he sold computer parts and would turn his house into a speakeasy on the weekends. After college, he and his brother founded Zip2, their version of online yellow pages.

In 1999, the sold the company and Elon made $22 million. He used that money to co-found X.com, an online banking service. X.com merged with a rival and became Paypal. eBay bought Paypal in 2002 and Musk made 180 million dollars.

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He then went on to found SpaceX, Tesla and Solar City. In 2009, Musk “ran out of cash” after divorcing his first wife. He lived off of loans while trying to keep his companies afloat that changed when Tesla IPO’d in 2010 (Initial Public Offerings). By 2012, musk was a billionaire. He famously doesn’t spend much on luxurious items, but he owns 70 million dollars worth of homes in Los Angeles.

He bought another home on Chalon Road for 17 million dollars. It features a two storey library, a home theatre, Gym, And wine cellar. Musk paid $9,20,000 for this submarine car used in the James Bond movie. Musk has signed Bill Gates and Warren Buffets “Giving Pledge”. That means, most of his fortune will be left out to charity.

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History Of Tesla

Tesla, one of the biggest names in the automotive industry. From the slick designs of their cars to their promise of a renewable future, Tesla has truly taken the world by storm. Today, the mere mention of Tesla instantly evokes the image of one man: Elon Musk. The closest real-life equivalent to Tony Stark.

You may have heard of him from these plans to take humans to Mars to colonise the red planet or from his Boring Company, which plans to build Hyperloop between New York and Washington DC. But for almost everyone, Elon Musk is synonymous with Tesla.

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It’s about a man you have probably never heard of before, despite the fact that he was the true driving force behind the company. His name? Martin Eberhard. Despite what the mainstream media would have you believe, it was Martin who originally founded Tesla.

The year is 1997, Martin had spent a decade working as an electrical engineer when he met his future business partner, Marc Tarpenning. Several sessions of “Magic: The Gathering” later and the pair were already planning their first business venture, an ebook reader.

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In just three short years, NuvoMedia, the company they created, had sold 20,000 e-readers, and they sold off their stake in it for a comfortable 187 million dollars.

With a bright future ahead of them, the two entrepreneurs decided to shift their focus to electric sports cars. But, how does one make the leap from eBook readers to electric sports cars? In one word: divorce.

You see Martin had gotten divorces in 2000, and benefitting of any rich 40 years old stuck in a midlife crisis, he wanted to buy himself a sports car. However, he couldn’t get himself to buy any of those uncivilized gas guzzlers running wild on the streets.

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This conundrum got this thinking, and eventually, he approached his old buddy Marc with an elegant proposition: Building an electric sports car. Together in 2003, they began working on what would eventually be the Roadster, the first car of their new company, Tesla.

Instead of relying on the traditional combustion engine, Martin and Marc had the groundbreaking idea to utilize lithium-ion batteries, a technology they had discovered in their ebook days.

But, of course, building everything from the ground up wasn’t a realistic possibility. Instead, they partnered up with two companies: AC propulsion, a motor company from California, and Lotus, a British Car Manufacturer.

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AC Propulsion had built a small electric car called the TZERO, which was fully electric and could go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4 seconds, a feat that no other electric car at the time could accomplish.

Martin Struck a deal with AC propulsion to use their motor technology, but he still needed an actual car to place the motor in. This is where Lotus came in. One of their models, the Lotus Elise, ticked all the right boxes, it was a small, speedy, Sporty.

So Martin and Marc made their way to the Los Angeles Auto Show, where they kept pestering Lotus until “a very polite British man finallyy gave them the time of day. And yes, we are very nice on this side of the pond, or at least our friends say that we are.”

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Now, where were we? With a car to work on and cutting edge technology to implement, Tesla Motors began development in earnest. By mid-2004, however, the company’s coffers were running dry.

Martin and Marc had been able to bootstrap the company for its first year, and they were even able to get some modest investments from a few venture capitalists but to get the Roadster into production, Tesla needed some serious funds. And by know you must be thinking, a car company having trouble getting started?

How ironic it is. But, that’s where the man, the myth, the legend of Elon Musk comes into play. Must have just sold Paypal to eBay and was sitting on a nice big pile of money, $7.5 million of which he invested into Tesla after meeting with Martin and Marc.

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Must would go on to invest 70 million dollars into Tesla by 2008, but it was still the iconic, duo who were at the helm. Thanks to Musk’s initial capital injection, Tesla successfully made a great leap forward in November 2004.

When it built its first prototype, a Lotus Elise outfitted with AC propulsion technology. The “Mule,” as they called it, ran like a charm and floored the engineers with its performance.

Tesla continued in R&D, taking another two years to officially debut the Roadster. Finally, on July 19th, 2006, the product of all that hard work was unveiled in Santa Monica.

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The roadster cost a whopping $100000, but people were lining up to throw money at Tesla. Within two weeks of the Roadster’s debut, 127 cars had been sold. While Roadsters didn’t actually roll off, the production lines until 2008, Tesla was a massive success and the first successful car startup in decades.

Internally, however, not all was all fine and dandy. Tensions were building up between Elon and Martin for reasons we will likely never know. All we do know is that in August 2007, Martin got a call from a very nervous sounding Musk.

On that call, Martin learned that the Tesla board had met without him and decided to oust him as CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He had been essentially kicked out of this own company.

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Technically, he had been demoted to President of Technology, but he knew what that really meant. He later told Business Insider that “I didn’t get to hear what they said. I didn’t get to defend myself, I felt totally stranded.”

He eventually resigned, of course, and so did Marc. In 2009, Martin sued Tesla for attempting to “rewrite history” arguing that Musk was trying to take credit for what Martin and Marc had done. The suit also noted that the company was purposely and inaccurately portraying Elon as the founder, which as we know today is something almost everyone believes.

Elon, not one to lie down without a fight, files a countersuit, and later that year, Martin dropped the charges.

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It appears that he and Musk settled out of court, and that’s probably why the whole affair remains shrouded in mystery. Needless to say, the two no longer speak.

Of course, there’s no doubt that both men contributed heavily to Tesla becoming what it is today, but it does seem a bit unfair with Martin has been completely eclipsed by the enigmatic Musk. Perhaps, this is the inevitable fate of any company with a charismatic co-founder.

Still, the fact remains that Tesla wouldn’t be the automotive superstar it is today without the brilliance and perseverance of Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpening, the real heroes of Tesla. Without the partnership of these two men, Tesla wouldn’t exist today, and Elon Musk wouldn’ have had a car to send to Mars.

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How Elon Musk Saved Tesla & Space X Both?

SpaceX & Tesla: You would be hard pressed to find two companies that are more popular today. And, yet in the not too distant past, both companies were basically unknown and were in fact simultaneously on the verge of bankruptcy.

Thus, what Elon Musk did is what no other Americal CEO had ever done before. He created and then rescued two companies at the same time and brought them both to multi-billion dollar valuations.

In the early 2000s, Elon Musk achieved what any entrepreneur would dream of doing. He successfully sold his company for over a billion dollars. He personally received 165 million dollars, and now this is where most people would call it quits, but for Elon, this was just the beginning.

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He wanted to change the world for the better and one of his ideas was to send public to mars in order to boost public interest in space exploration and hopefully increase NASA’s budget.

The idea was outlandishly ambitious, especially because Elon wanted to spend no more than 20 million dollars on it. Now, at the time, sending just 500 pounds to orbit could easily cost upwards of 30 million dollars, but Elon had a plan. He travelled to Russia, where he tried to buy refurbished intercontinental ballistic missiles.

But the lowest price the Russians gave him was 8 million dollars a piece, about 50% above his budget for the rocket itself. On the way back from Moscow, Elon did some back of the napkin calculations and he figured out that the raw materials used in the making of a rocket were only about 3% of the final sales price.

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Instantly, Elon knew what he had to do: If he wanted to send anything to marks, he would have to build himself a vertically integrated rocket company. To that end, he read several books on rocketry, from the Cold War and in June 2002 he incorporated Space Exploration Technologies or SpaceX for short.

He then set about recruiting the right people who could make his vision a reality: his ideal candidate was young, single, educated and ready to give up his social life for SpaceX. Elon’s recruitment strategy was very straightforward, he would basically call up anyone fitting what profile, from fresh aerospace graduates to the rising stars in Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

At first, people thought Elon was making pranks, but within a year he had assembled some of the brightest engineers in America.

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Together they would design almost everything for SpaceX: from the engines and rocket bundles to even smallest details, like the circuitry. In many cases, the engineers could build stronger and more lightweight components at just a fraction of the regular price.

These components would be used to build the Merlin engine, which in turn would power Elon’s first rocket, the Falcon 1. Development was far from smooth, of course, but nevertheless, progress was being made.

But then, Elon decided to up the ante. In early 2004, he participated in the funding round of a new electric car company called Tesla. Elon personally invested a little over 6$ million and in return became the chairman of the company’s board.

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Right off the bat, Elon began applying his experience from SpaceX at Tesla. The company’s logo, for example, was created by the same people that made the logo for SpaceX. And, of course, Elon was quick to use the same aggressive hiring strategy he used to assemble the SpaceX team.

This time, however, instead of poaching employees from Boeing, he was hiring from Apple. Before long, the Tesla team was working on their first electric car, the Tesla Roadster. Back at SpaceX, engineers were clocking in 60 hours work weeks, while Elon was promising very ambitious timelines.

In fact, his original estimate was to launch the Falcon 1 in November 2003, just 18 months after the company was founded.

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Of course, that estimate got pushed back, and the Falcon1 would not live off until March 2006, when it spent a total of 41 seconds in the air before crashing down violently. Like for SpaceX, 2006 was a big year for Tesla.

In July, the Tesla Roadster made its first official appearance and recorded 100 pre-orders in its first day. But, like with the Falcon 1, the actual production wasn’t going very well. Tesla’s CEO at the time was Martin Eberhard, and like Elon, he was promising unrealistic timeframes.

At first, the idea was to deliver the roadster in early 2007, but an escalating series of production issues pushed the release date farther and farther away.

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In the end, Martin’s mismanagement of the Roadster project got him ousted from the very company he had founded, leaving Elon in charge of everything. With full responsibility for both companies, the stress was starting to peel off. Elon witness the second failure of the Falcon 1 rocket, which didn’t complete it’s only 2007 flight.

At Tesla, Elon struggled to fix the mess left behind Eberhard, and in fact, the Roadster’s production would not be until March 2008. But then, things got worse: In August, Elon launched his third Falcon 1, which never made it to orbit and then just one month later, his wife publicly announced their divorce.

Both of Elon’s companies were struggling to make a viable product and were running out of the money fast.

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In fact, by late October Tesla had only $9 million left to fund the entire company. Salaries were being delayed and Elon was faced with a choice. He had already spent 70$ million on Tesla and $100 million on SpaceX.

With what little he had left, Elon had to choose whether to fund and secure the future of one company or to risk everything and gamble on saving them both. Fate gave Elon little time to think: the fourth and potentially final flight of the Falcon 1 was approaching.

On September 28th, Elon got ready for his last chance to survive. He stood in the SpaceX control centre in LA and waited in Silence. Then the rocket took off, and the centre burst out in ecstatic applause.

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SpaceX had finally delivered a working product: the Falcon 1 became the first privately developed rocket to go into orbit around the Earth. But, Elon was not in the clear just yet: A working product would mean nothing if the company behind it went bankrupt.

In a frantic scramble, Elon had to figure out funding solutions for both his companies before the end of 2008, and the timing couldn’t have been worse. One of the largest American Banks, Lehman brothers, had collapsed and the global economy was heading towards disaster.

In the midst of this, Elon was raising all the personal funds, he could save Tesla: he liquidated his few remaining assets and even got his cousins to pitch in.


But getting investors on board doesn’t happen overnight, and December was creeping in. Elon had managed to scrape toter himself, another 20 million dollars from various investors and 50 million dollars from the German Car Company Daimler.

Days before Christman, it seemed as if only Tesla was going to make it, but then on December 23, Elon received a very unexpected call that NASA had awarded SpaceX with 1.6 billion dollar contract to resupply the International Space Station. Then, on Christman Eve, the Tesla deal went through.

Elon had successfully saved both companies from bankruptcy. In a later interview, he would recall these final days in December in painful detail. He admitted that he was the closest he had ever gotten to a nervous breakdown.

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