March 5, 2021

The SIX Roulette Variants You Need to Play

If you are not well versed with roulette, then you would be forgiven in thinking that there is only one kind of roulette in existence. In fact, there are about 20. Some of the more popular ones are featured inside land-based casinos, but online is where they all shine. The three most popular ones are American Roulette, French Roulette, and European Roulette. They all look the same and play the same, so, they are kind of too boring for our list.

Here we present the variants they did not teach you about in school and what your parents hid from you. The oddest, biggest, and strangest roulette games that you should be playing online right now.

The secret games of roulette you’ll find online

Helping us to present this list is Charlotte Fitzgerald, Editor-in-Chief at Casimoose. She directs us to for those wishing to learn more about the casino game of roulette and how to play it:

“Roulette is a fantastic game and here in Canada, it is the number one live casino game played inside of our Canadian online casinos. It is a brilliant social game, and this is where our passion for it comes from. There are many variations of the traditional game so creating a list of 6 is no easy task given than each one is especially unique to the world of online gaming.”

Must-Play Variants of Roulette

If you plan on signing up to an online casino to try these, you can always check the gaming menus first without needing to register to find these games, alternatively, head to Casimoose and play these games in their demo mode and they will have links to the casinos that hold these games.

Marvel Roulette

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Created by Playtech around the same time when eSports started to gain in popularity, this roulette game was the first of its kind as it combined the prize pool of The Avengers slot game with roulette, so for the first time ever, you could actually win a jackpot payout from this table game This was a huge success and added to the growing list of DC and Marvel comic book slots Playtech was making.

Bet and land on the bonus pocket and you got to enter the progressive jackpot round and potentially win a life-changing sum of money.

Pinball Roulettte

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Ash Gaming developed this crazy roulette variant that removed the entire roulette wheel and instead put in its place a giant pinball machine. Why the heck not, it adds more drama as the roulette ball pings about off the bars and pegs.

The rest of the roulette game plays as it normally would but for total change on how winners are made, this was the oddest and yet effective in an entertainment capacity.

Age of the Gods Roulette

Following the success of their Marvel roulette feature, Playtech went on to produce this roulette variant for their own Age of the God progressive jackpot series.

If you love Greek mythology games, then Age of the Gods presents a 30+ selection of them, all linked into the same progressive prize feature.

Bet on the bonus and win 100x your bet if it lands and then enter the bonus round that comes with a guaranteed prize win, but the amount is all in the hands of the gods.

Double Ball Roulette

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Available as a digital variant or live casino game (here we picked the live on by Evolution Gaming). This provides twice as many balls and twice as much fun. This extraordinary variant comes with one hell of a payout. If both balls land on the same number, you will receive odds of 1,300/1. This is on the list for its audacious opportunity and high entertainment factor.

Multi Wheel Roulette

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Microgaming has produced an insane 8-wheel roulette game that is only available in a virtual format. With 8 wheels, players are able to win an extraordinary amount especially when they focus on outside bets like red or black, odds or even, and high and low bets.

It certainly boosts your ways of winning and is one of the most popular virtual variants online.

Lightning Roulette

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Lightning roulette is an Evolution Gaming product that is part of their new game show series. This game plays like roulette normally would, however, during random intervals and spins, lightning numbers are picked and will add multipliers up to 500x across the table. Striking it lucky is an understatement if you have a big bet on a 500x number. The most successful live variant game to date and a real must for roulette fans.

Our thanks to Charlotte Fitzgerald at Casimoose for helping introduce us to some crazy roulette games that can be played for free at her website.

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