January 25, 2016

Watch This Homemade Robot Solve a Rubik’s Cube in About a 1 Second

Are you fascinated in solving a Rubik’s cube? It is really a very interesting game that needs much focus and strong desire. Have you ever tried to solve any of the Rubik’s cube? It is very common that people usually solve this cube using their pretty much logic and intelligence. If you’re not a professional in solving the Rubik’s cube, then it takes more time to solve it. You need to have some additional motivation if you are trying to get faster at solving a Rubik’s Cube.

As we all know, few novelty puzzles have had as long of a career. One such puzzle is Rubik’s Cube. Actually, the cube was invented in the year 1974. Since its invention, the cube has acquired great prominence as one of the best selling puzzles ever with more than 350 million sold across the globe. It is even hard to guess how many human minutes of agony that has created. The most bizarre thing is that here is a robot that takes only 1 second to solve the most sturdy puzzle.

Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube in 1 Second

Till now, many people have solved this Rubik’s cube within seconds. Especially, kids are highly fascinated in such puzzles. We have heard of an achievement that a 14-year old set the world record for solving a Rubik’s Cube in under five seconds last in the month of November. Now, a couple of software engineers namely Jay Flatland and Paul Rose have built a machine that can crack Rubik’s Cubes ridiculously fast in just one second. This robot takes just over one second to finish the task of solving the Rubik’s cube.

Rubik's Cube Solved by a Robot

Currently, the duo is in the process of applying for a world record. The current world record by a human is 4.904 seconds which was cracked by Lucas Etter. The innovative machine has broken that world record and stands at just 3.253 seconds. Surprising, Isn’t it? They have developed this amazing machine and if they approved it, undoubtedly, this new machine’s record would definitely crush the previous record.

How does the Machine Works?

The new machine is made up of a number of stepper motors, 3D-printed parts, webcams and an Arduino chip. All these parts are connected to a Linux running PC. Both the software engineers, Jay Flatland and Paul Rose created this robot that can consistently solve Rubik’s Cube puzzles in less than 1.2 seconds. They used the Kociemba algorithm to solve the Rubik’s puzzle.

  • Initially, the cube is scanned to determine its configuration. This information is supplied into the Kociemba Rubik’s Cube solving algorithm.
  • Now, the robot makes the relevant moves.

Rubiks cube solved by a Robot

  • One most significant modification of the Rubik’s cube is that they have drilled four holes into the middle of each of the six sides of the cube so as to enable the robot to manipulate it.
  • This way, the robot could start solving the Rubik’s Cube.
  • The machine can only operate when all four cameras have visibility.
  • To test the machine for a solving trial, the camera is wrapped with a piece of paper, the cube is manually scrambled, and then the robot is given its new assignment.

In the video, the robot solves the notorious puzzle in just 1.196 seconds, 1.152 seconds, 1.047 seconds, and at the very top, 1.019 seconds. It would look that the machine is not only insanely agile but, consistently so. In every attempt, the robot completes the task between 1 and 1.2 seconds.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by Rubik’s cube, this video is for you. Watch how this robot solves a Rubi’s Cube in just over a second.

Watch Video: Here is the Robot in Action

Originally, this Rubik’s cube was called the Magic Cube. The actual Rubik’s Cube puzzle was invented by two people, Hungarian sculptor, and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik in the year 1974. Over four decades later, and it’s still captivating and motivating millions globally.

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