May 23, 2016

VLOGGING – Everything You Need to Know

In the last few years, the trend of vlogging has risen in popularity, yet most of the people are new to vlogging and doesn’t have any idea about vlog or vlogging. Vlog is a shortened version of a video blog and includes the video content whereas vlogging means the process to create a vlog. Presently, the most popular video sharing website and platform is YouTube. It is an amazing resource where people can find tutorials about cooking, photography, yoga or anything.

If you are stepping into the vlogging world, then no doubt, you are well aware of the top YouTube giants like Vlogbrothers, PewDiePie and much more. But what about those beginners who tend to make lots of video content on YouTube? Vlogging is not at all about the fame and money. In fact, it is about entertaining people and sharing knowledge with the audience. The life of vloggers is more of fun and entertaining rather than like a chore to many people. Yes, each vlogger spends hours while creating the content for their vlog and thus, it makes the whole process a bit lengthy.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is videos blogging and vlog is short-form of a video blog, which contains video contents. With the equipment which is used for vlogging becoming cheaper and the hosting, aggregation and software becoming prevalent, the vlogging trend is becoming more professional. Vlogging involves the similar process like Blogging which includes sharing of information, giving advice, sharing experiences, but it is done in the video format.

Setting up of a vlog is not really a difficult task because the equipment which are used for vlogging are easily available out there. Vlogging doesn’t need your professional writing skills because it gives the viewers more of a conversational experience. The topics or the issues must be engaging and interesting in order to keep your vlog popular and successful for a long time.

Vlogs can be created by people on various niches because they are free to give video contents over the topics for whatever they desire or are passionate about. It helps in giving the people an audience and a chance to make their voices heard. In simple words, vlogging allows people to join in the local and global conversations about the diversity of choices, voices, and sources.

How to Make Money with Vlogging

The YouTube vlogs are not merely the diversions or hobbies, but they are turning into professions. If you serious want to step into the world of vlogging and want to create high-quality videos for your small business to make money through the Google ads, then it is important to grow your reach of viewers.

Your hard work will pay you off, but yes, it will take time. Though it seems to be simple and easy because you just have to create your YouTube account using your Google account and create AdSense for handling your payments as well as for uploading the first vlog.

Tips to Make Money with Vlogging

  • It is important to promote your services or products which you sell and offer to the audience.
  • You can create videos for providing the information to the audience in a better way followed by an option for purchasing the product or service. Or you can even give an option for requesting more information about the same.
  • You can use the affiliate links for promoting the services or products of the companies in the end of your videos.
  • You need to search for the sponsors who can give you space for placing your ad within or at the end of the videos.
  • You can syndicate your video for free and allow other websites to use your videos with any issues. You can give them a javascript code for inserting your video on their page or blog.
  • You can syndicate the video by using the Video Tip of the Week format. You can encourage people to join your affiliate programs and offering them to place your videos on their blogs. You can also reward them with the commission on the click-throughs.
  • If you want to reach high with the viewers, then you must accept the advertisements and sponsorships from the companies as well as place most of the ads near to the video players.

Long back, around 10 years ago, when YouTube was founded, their mission was to provide the people with an easy and fast video access as well as an ability for sharing the videos regularly. But, now, the mission has an added feature with the changing trend and that is, striking out the millionaires. reveals out the world’s highest-paid YouTube Stars who inspire most of the vloggers around the world.

5 Must have items to start vlogging on a budget

Vlogging has turned out to be one of the best full-time professions which help people in earning lots of money by just creating and posting videos on YouTube or on their blog. Though it is really an interesting profession, it is simple and creative as well. If you are a blogger, then for increasing your blog’s popularity, you can upload some videos so as to attract more viewers. There are numerous people who are stepping into vlogging as their profession by producing semi-cinematic quality footages with the use of enhanced software and equipment. You really need not worry about the cash to spend like that reknown YouTube stars because we have the quality equipment with good editing software available, which are affordable too. These are the most important things for producing good quality videos. So, let’s check out the 5 must-have items to start vlogging on a budget.

Canon Powershot S110 – $379.00

canon for blogging

The very important thing to start vlogging is to have a camera. So, we have the Canon Powershot S110 compact camera which does its job perfectly. It features 24mm wide-angle lens, HD-quality 1080p, and a 5x Optical Zoom. It offers the users with customized shooting modes which help in easy deleting of the redundant clips or playing back the clips.

Sony Bloggie Live – $239.00

If you think that $379 is a big amount for you in the beginning, then you can go with the Sony Bloggie Live or even there are many vlogging cameras available at reasonable prices. This camera shoots 1080p videos in HD and comes with inbuilt WiFi which helps in streaming the vlog live. It is the major feature which makes this camera stands out well and superior to the others, within the budget.

It is really important to pick out the right camera for vlogging. You just need to pick smartly just after you get convinced with all the features which are required. Your motive must be the right features and the right budget. So, pick a camera which gives you the best features by keeping your budget intact.

72-Inch Tripod – $18.95

tripod for blogging

Did you ever heard about the idiom ‘icing on the cake’? it can be used both in a positive and negative sense, but here we are using it in a positive sense. A tripod with a good camera is like an icing on the cake as it will make a good situation even better. For every vlogger, it is important to get quality images with stable videos. So, if you want to enhance your vlogging, it is must to get a tripod to make your vlogs professional.

Fotodiox Pro Octagon Softbox – $56.95

Fotodiox Pro Octagon Softbox

For every vlogger, it is really important to get the perfect shots with the perfect lightning. You cannot always depend on the nature to decide the light quality and thus, you can get a help from outside. We recommend you to use a Softbox which can help you in getting good effects and lightning. It is a handy device which is affordable.

Editing Software – $14.99 and Up


Apart from all the equipment for vlogging, it is really important to give a finishing touch to your creation in order to get the best end product. So, one thing which you cannot avoid is the editing software in order to get the perfect shots. If you use a Mac Computer or Macbook, then you can download an editing software for just $14.99. There is few more expensive editing software which is ideal to choose, Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, but they are worth it.

Tips To Help You Grow Your YouTube Channel

Different people have different reasons to start their own vlog. Some people start it for sharing while some think over to make some money by selling the ad space or getting themselves into partnership with YouTube. No matter what are your reasons to start a vlog, here we have some tips to help you grow your YouTube Channel which is focused on what will actually make you stand out uniquely among others and make your channel popular among the audience. So, come on, let’s have a look at few tips.

grow your youtube channel

Selecting the Niche

It is important to select the niche for your YouTube Channel before starting it. Choosing the niche wisely will give you the best results. So, it is good to research about some popular and interesting niches before starting. You just have to start your vlog around the particular niche or in other words, base your YouTube channel on the theme which interests you. It should be the topic which interests you, you are passionate about it. There are many people who go for specific angles while some choose the broad themes. Either of the ways, the most important thing about starting a YouTube Channel is that you have to make sure that the audience can clearly see what you are up to and what is your target.

Watch out for the Trends

People who bump onto the top with their YouTube Channel are the ones who watch out for the trends, even before they themselves become a trend. This significantly requires yourself-immerse meant in the niche which you chose and passionate about. The demand will help you in keeping yourself up to date about the happenings going in it. But if you are the one who is already passionate about the niche, then you will likely to always keep your fingers on to the pulse of the niche. It is a must to use the catchy and interesting titles for your vlogs. Also, it is important to keep a track on all the latest trends which are happening around and incorporate the same in your videos so as to attract more audience.

Be focused on the Quality

If you are not offering your viewers and the audience something interesting, then you really can’t win their hearts. This significantly means that you must not compromise with the quality of your videos. It is important to keep a watch over the audio and your video editing. Your vlogs must be easy to follow as well as simple and clear. So, in order to grow your YouTube Channel and attract more viewers or subscribers, then you have to be focused on the quality of the videos.

Blogs Commenting

If you have started your own vlog, then you might know the fact that in order to get more visibility, you have to give in some additional efforts. The best way is to start with the blogs commenting for getting the target viewers. It is the most effective way because it helps you in getting more visitors as well as raising awareness about your new YouTube Channel. For instance, you have a health niche vlog, where you give some diet and exercising tips to the viewers, then visit the health niche blogs. This significantly helps you in bringing more viewers who can enjoy watching your videos on which your YouTube Channel is associated with.

Just visit some of the established blogs which have the targeted visitors and leave your valuable comments which can help them. If the visitors will find your comments valuable and interesting, then they will follow you. It might take a little time, but believe us, it is really an effective way to grow your YouTube channel. Don’t just visit the blogs on the purpose of getting the audience or leaving the spam comments. It is important to leave your genuine feedback about the content. So, here you can leave the URL of your YouTube Channel in the comment form under the ‘website’ field.

Use the Right Tone

It is important to connect yourself with your audience because one of the most effective tips for growing your vlog business is to create friendly relationships with the audience, your viewers, and subscribers. So, maintain and use the right, friendly tone in all the videos which you create. Your tone must sound like you are just having a casual conversation with your friend, which will help you in connecting with your viewer’s heart. You can even add a little humor to your videos as this will help you in engaging more viewers and they might also stay back with your YouTube channel for long.

Frequency and Quality

Quality and Frequency go hand in hand. We already talked about the importance of quality of your videos so as the frequency, your activeness. It is really important to maintain the frequency for your vlogs. Viewers prefer subscribing to those YouTube channels which are active. So, don’t wait for weeks or months to upload the videos and keep your channel active by updating it frequently. This is one of the best ways for building your audience because frequent vlogs which are interesting, entertaining and engaging attract more viewers and before even you know, your YouTube Channel will have the loyal fans.

The Power of Social Media

When a vlogger ignores the important tools, mistakes happen. So, one of the most important tool not only for the vloggers but even for all the people who work online is the social media websites. No blog or vlog will have million followers instantly because it takes time, a lot of hard work. No matter whether you are active or your content is awesome, you will need the followers outside your acquaintanceships. This is the phase where social media plays a vital role. Use social media as your major weapon for enticing the people to join you. It is important to interact with your followers and update them on regular basis. Lastly, do expect critics and handle them professionally with respect.

Final Words

No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional vlogger, the information we have shared here in this article is of uttermost valuable to you all. We have discussed everything about vlogging, including the ways to interact with your followers through Twitter or Facebook Fan page and informing them about your new updated vlogs. You just have to try your best in growing your business and relationship with the people to get them intact with your vlog.

So, guys, this is all about Vlogging. We thank you for spending your precious time in reading this article. If you find it interesting and valuable, then do not forget to share it with your friends through your social media profiles. And lastly, if you have any questions or doubts, then you can leave your comments below.

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