March 25, 2019

How to Write an SEO Friendly Post On Blogger Dashboard

Most of you might have heard this phrase “SEO Friendly”. Writing a post or an article keeping all the On Page SEO factors in mind is one of the major tasks for an article writer. In this chapter a detailed explanation on ‘How to write a post on Blogger’ is given. SEO strategies change everyday, you should always be updated everyday.
When you write a Post/ Article Consider the following aspects:

  1. Title of the post
  2. Content of the post
  3. Permalinks
  4. Labels
  5. Search Description

Title of the post

Post title should contain 60-70 characters. In post title focus on the main keyword. Always give the long title for the post don’t use short titles.

Content of the post

  • Content is the king. Always come up with unique and fresh content.  Content should be 600-800 characters.
  • Always start the post with Introduction and then insert the proper and suitable Image for the post.
  • We Recommend to  use “Jump break”. After the Image click the Jump break option that you can find in the above menu /  tool bar.
  • In the post make use of Heading, Subheading and Minor heading. So that post looks neat and clear
  • To highlight any text in the post use “block quote.” option.

If your content is short then make sure that it gets more comments because comments are also added as the content by Google. For example your post has 500 words and Comments has 150 words then it is considered as 650 words but not as just 500 words.


In blogger you find two types of permalinks

1. Automatic permalink
2. Custom permalink

  • Automatic permalink generates the permalink automatically by considering the Post title.
  • Custom permalink means you have to give the permalink manually.
  • I always recommend to go with custom permalink. It should contain 4-5 words and it should be short and convey the proper meaning.


  • Labels means on which niche you are writing the post. Labels are helpful for the quick navigation in your site.
  • For example if you write 3 posts / articles and give the same label then all 3 posts comes under one category.
  • Recommended to give 2-3 labels for the post

Search Description

Search description means the description of your post shown to the user when he searched by the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu etc.

Search description is the overview of the post/ article and tells the reader what information he will get by reading the article. In search description you try to give the different keyword which is not covered in the post title. It should contain 150 words.


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