March 23, 2021

Goodbye TVZion—Here Are Some of the Best Alternatives

TVZion used to be one of the biggest and most popular streaming services out there, but unfortunately last year, the team who worked on and developed the app was hit with cease-and-desist notices due to piracy. Asides from the notices from the global anti-piracy coalition, the team members were also given an order to give up the domains that were used by the Zion TV app. At first, the developers said that only the domains would be put down and that the app would still be up and running. However, this didn’t seem to be the case in the end.

A few days following the announcement, TVZion posted on its now-defunct website saying that in an effort to “protect the moderators,” the app will also be shut down. While this is undeniably sad news for those users who loved the app, all hope isn’t lost. There are numerous alternatives to TVZion you can use, with similar—or even better—features.

Best Zion TV Alternatives

To save you the trouble, we’ve listed below some of the best TVZion alternatives that are still available today. Many of these are available for free, and offer a variety of features that can amp up your movie-viewing experience.


There’s no second-guessing—Kodi is arguably one of the most popular streaming platforms right now. With Kodi, you can easily stream all kinds of TV shows and movies with no extra hassle on your part. To be more specific, Kodi itself doesn’t actually have any content; you need to install add-ons, which will be the ones to search for and access films and shows. These programs will look through the web for links which can then be used for streaming.

These add-ons are separated into different categories depending on the content they offer. For instance, there are add-ons specifically for movies and TV shows, for live TV, for sports, and even ones that already have it all. One other thing that makes Kodi so popular is its customizability. By installing Kodi builds such as the No Limits Magic build or the Xanax build, you give the platform a fresh coat of paint.

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Syncler App

Syncler app is actually a clone or we can say the advanced version of TVZion. For those who are missing TVZion, Syncler APK is the perfect replacement for you guys. Streaming quality is also too good in this, and this is a perfect fit if you are looking for a user-friendly streaming app for all your family. Syncler App also works on Android TV ( Nvidia Shield TV, & Fire TV). Syncler lets you browse, organize, track and sync your Movies, TV Shows, and Anime watchlist, history and progress all in one place on your TV, phone, or tablet.

You can visit the official site from here –


Stremio is another free platform that works quite similarly to Kodi. The app is simple yet offers smooth functionality, which is why it has also started to become a fan favorite. Stremio also allows you to install third-party add-ons outside of the official built-in ones if you want to take your user experience up a notch. Similar to Kodi, you can use Stremio to stream various categories—TV shows, movies, sports, live TV, music, and the like.

Perhaps the one thing that makes it truly different from Kodi is the fact that Stremio is a cloud-based platform. This means that once you install a particular add-on, it doesn’t only get installed to your specific device, it also gets added to your cloud-based account.

Stremio’s stream quality is great, especially since it allows you to stream films from torrent sites in high definition—up to 4K, to be exact. It’s definitely one of the best Zion TV replacements out there and is worth checking out.


TeaTV is another free alternative to the now discontinued TVZion. It’s a relatively well-known online streaming platform where you can entertain yourself with movies and similar forms of media. With TeaTV, you’re given access to reviews so that you know beforehand if a particular show or film is something up your alley. There are also details about upcoming movies that you may be interested in.


CinemaHD lets you stream new and/or popular TV shows and movies without having to pay for anything. The platform’s interface is sleek and beautiful, offering user-friendliness. CinemaHD has a search bar you can use if you want to look for a specific title easily. What’s more, you can view these movies as high as 1080p.

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If none of the other alternatives caught your eye, you may want to check out ZiniTevi. It’s one of the newer streaming platforms available right now, but it’s already considered by many to be one of the best Zion TV replacements out there. The app, just like the others, is available for free and you can watch a variety of films and shows without advertisements popping up every now and then.

One of the reasons why many love this app is because its user interface looks impressive, as it looks similar to Fire OS apps. As a matter of fact, you can even use it with the Firestick/Fire TV remote. You can stream content in either 720p and 1080p, which are already pretty impressive high-quality resolutions for something that’s available for free.


While it’s unfortunate that TVZion has been shut down, there are so many available alternatives that can offer the same features, if not better. There are more options out there if these 5 alternatives aren’t what you’re looking for.

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