November 3, 2017

3 Simple Steps to Use Apple Pay with Face ID in iPhone X

If you own an iPhone, then you must be knowing how to use Apple Pay. Paying bills with Apple Pay is easy with the touch id. All you needed to do was double tap the home button and authenticate using Touch ID and pay the bills. But how do you use Apple Pay in iPhone X without a home screen button? Apple lets you securely unlock your iPhone X, authenticate purchases and sign in to apps with just a glance using Face ID. As the iPhone X pre-orders and shipping have started, you must know some basic functionalities of using the iPhone X to get familiarize with the device.


Here are the three simple steps to use Apple Pay in iPhone X without Touch ID using Face ID. To use FaceID with Apple Pay, make sure you set up the Apple Pay on your iPhone X and turned on in Settings > FaceID & Passcode.

1. Double Click the Side Button

To get Apple Pay screen in the first place, double-click the side button of iPhone X to use the default card. To use a different card, double-click the side button, tap your default card and then chose a different card.


2. Scan your Face

Now take a glance at your iPhone X to authenticate with FaceID.



3. Hold your iPhone X near Reader

After you authenticate yourself, hold your iPhone X near a contactless reader and then wait for done and checkmark to display.


If you use are purchasing within an app or iTunes Store, App Store, iBook Store then all you need to do is tap the Apple Pay option and then select the card, take a glance at your iPhone, wait for done and checkmark to display. Within three simple steps, you can make any payment with FaceID.

The pre-orders of iPhone have started and will roll out to the users from Nov 3. The 64GB iPhone X is available at $999.

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