June 11, 2022

8 Ways On How You Can Improve The Customer Experience For Your Shopify Store

Shopify is a subscription-based platform that lets anybody set up online stores and sell their products. According to the website Fundera, Shopify has over 2.1 million daily active users. It has also processed over one billion orders and accounts for $319 billion of economic activity worldwide. Part of working with Shopify is improving your customer experience. In this guide and discussion, we will go through the various ways you can enhance your Shopify store’s customer experience. Plus, you will also learn how a Shopify local delivery date app can help users choose a delivery date and time to deliver their purchased goods. Are you excited about the discussion? Read on.

What Is Customer Experience?

Whether you visit your favorite retail store, a friendly salesperson usually greets you. He or she is willing to offer help when you choose the best product based on your needs. They consider your budget and provide resolutions to any inquiries you may have throughout the process. At the end of everything, you make your purchase and leave the store happy because of the customer experience that the store has provided you.

What is customer experience? Customer experience pertains to how a brand communicates with its consumers at every step of the way throughout the buyer’s journey. Customer experience also applies to eCommerce stores like Shopify.

You can significantly boost conversion rates when you choose to enhance your customer experience. Without further ado, we will be here to present to you the ways you can boost customer experience on Shopify.

8 Ways You Can Enhance Customer Experience For A Shopify Store

1. Delight Your Consumers

Know that increasing your customer’s retention rate also increases your profits. Businesses that realize the significance of retaining customers work tirelessly to provide their existing customers a seamless experience. Among the chief ways to delight your customers include the following:

  • E-mail rewards or loyalty points after they purchase products and which they can redeem at a later time
  • Thank you emails after your customers shop, or handwritten thank-you gift cards
  • A referral program that will provide benefits to both your existing consumers and new customers
  • Free gifts like t-shirts, mugs, and keychains along with your loyal customers’ orders

2. Give Your Shoppers A Suprise

Who will reject surprises? People love surprises. Online shoppers like surprises. And with these surprises, you can improve the customer experience. Some of these surprises include offering free shipping, enhancing your sales, and so much more. You can let them know of these surprises at the checkout stage. They will encourage shoppers to purchase from your store again and also help spread your offer by word-of-mouth.

Moreover, you can also use this strategy for abandoned carts. Instead of sending your customers the usual “We miss you” e-mails, you can surprise them with incentives so they will complete the buyer’s journey toward making the purchase.

3. Up Your Social Media Strategy

Nowadays, eCommerce stores are going beyond their respective websites. They also are present on social media. Social media lets eCommerce brands project their distinctive brand voice. If you do not have the resources yet for a social media team, you can allot a specific time within the day to respond to social media inquiries about your store. Be sure to address each question, and respond to reviews you receive on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more, whether these are positive or negative reviews.

Be proactive with your social media game. Instead of picking up a fight, respond positively to a negative post about your store and products.

4. Build A Community

In the world of eCommerce, a community refers to a group of individuals who are fanatics of your products. Communities result from everything you do, stand for, and represent as a brand. Members of these communities are advocates and ambassadors of your products. Two of the most potent avenues where you can create a community are social media and e-mail. You may encourage your community to leave ratings and reviews on your product pages.

5. Relay An Omnichannel Customer Experience

This may sound a bit technical, so let us get down to it gradually. Your customers are present across various channels online. You should also be. Delivering a successful omnichannel experience for your customers is the path to take.

Did you know that omnichannel marketing can improve your conversions greatly? To do this, ensure that the needed contact details like email addresses are visible on your official website.

Omnichannel marketing also involves incorporating live chats and widgets on your site to communicate with your consumers in real-time. If you do not hold ample time to answer their queries personally, you can invest in chatbots that provide automated responses.

6. Adhere To An Impactful Content Strategy

The objective of content marketing is to help shoppers solve their biggest issues. You can improve your content marketing by incorporating blog posts, interviews, tips, infographics, videos, and the like related to the products you sell. For instance, if your eCommerce store sells fashion products, you can create content that provides style advice, tips, lookbooks, latest fashion trends, and the like. Then, make certain you plan this out on your content calendar.

7. Personalize The Customer Experience

Today, it is all about personalization. Personalized emails are no longer enough to enhance your customer experience. Instead, you need to personalize the shopping experience throughout your buyers’ journeys based on various variables. To do this, use recommendation engines to suggest personalized product recommendations according to the user’s shopping habits, location, and browsing history.

Aside from this, you may also use exit intent pop-ups, abandoned cart messages, discounts, and the like to ensure your customer experience game is always on-point.

8. Introduce A Delivery Date App

Nowadays, apps have made lives a whole lot easier across several fields. One app that can help you improve the customer experience for your Shopify store is a delivery date app. Apps of this kind can help users choose a convenient date and time to deliver their purchased items.

Mageworx’s Local Pickup & Delivery Data app is one example of this app. With this application, you can let your customers schedule their pick up or delivery for a time and date that are very convenient for them.

With this app, you can save time and money because it includes order limits, cutoff time, zip code validation, blackout dates, and product restrictions.

It is straightforward to install this platform or app. There are no codes required. So, you can feel ever more confident with the app’s fast and free support, available whenever you need this.

In Conclusion

There you have it, the eight effective ways how you can improve the customer experience for your Shopify store. In the world of eCommerce, things can get intensely competitive. This cutthroat competition has saturated every business’s product pricing and feature aspects.

Right here and right here, customers are not just satisfied with an excellent product offering. To be on top of this competition, you need a unique offer or promotion that sets you apart from the rest and the others in the competition. Giving a good customer experience through your eCommerce site and other avenues is a surefire way to stay ahead in the industry’s game.

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