November 5, 2018

Adding Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Advertise Here, About Us pages to Website

Every Website Should Consist the Four Pages-Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Advertise Here, About Us. Both Disclaimer and Privacy policy can be very important to your blog. They inform your readers about some of the more legal aspects of your website.The meaning of these pages will be explained in detail below.

Adding Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Advertise Here, About Us pages to Website

Having Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Advertise Here, About Us pages on your websites these days have become mandatory. Not only for your own profit but also keeping in mind user satisfaction and Search Engine demands as well. These pages – Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Advertise Here, About Us makes your website ultimately transparent and legal. Thus, indirectly increasing your trust in the eyes of visitors. There number of ways to create these pages. Major ones being – “Created Manually” or “Created by Bots.” In a straight head tip, just don’t go for second option every. Google crawlers are now more clever and using copy content on the website is illegal.

What is Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Advertise on this Blog, About Us?


As you are the writer of the articles, you are responsible for anything that appears on your blog. It lets your client or customer know in very clear terms what their responsibility is and what is not your responsibility. By Adding this page you can stay away from the actions of other people that you could not possibly predict, and even those actions that you might predict.

Advertise Here-

This Page is dedicated to sell an Adspace on your Blog or Offer Services such as sponsored Posts, Service or Product Review and also Guest Posts. You can give the details regarding advertising on your blog. This helps the advertisers easily go through detailed information and results in right kind of advertisers approaching you.

Privacy Policy-

Most people online like their privacy and like to keep their information to themselves. This is an assurance to them that what ever the information they provide in the form of Login Details, Comments, Pictures are Safe and will not be published anywhere.

About Us-

This page is all about Yourself ! This is where your website visitors will get to know about you. The Impression visitors get from this page helps to connect to your site. If you’re failing to use the about us page you are losing the visitors coming to your page.

How to Add Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Advertise Here, About Us Pages

  • Step 1– Go to Blogger Dashboard and Select Pages Tab
  • Step 2– Select New Page and Write Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Advertise Here and About Us. Check These Sample Pages on how to write Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Advertise Here and About Us
  • Step 3– After the above step click publish and view the above created pages
  • Step 4– Copy the link address of above published pages


  • Step 5- Go to layout And Add a Text Gadget where ever you want, like Sidebar or Footer and go to Edit HTML copy the above link address in the form of ahrefs as shown above

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