Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Online Voting Details, Participants, Missed Call (Latest Update)


It has been just 10 days for Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 to get started and already it has hijacked our lives. With Tollywood’s “Natural actor” Nani as host the show is breaking every TV record possible.

Now if you are hooked with the show and want to participate in the Voting to keep your favourite contestant safe and want to know details and other stuff about the show then here is our guide for Bigg Boss 2 Telugu 

The Idea Behind Bigg Boss Telugu

The concept of the reality TV show- Bigg Boss has been introduced in the country in 2006. But the Telugu-version premiered on July 2017. The show created much drama and entertainment turning into a big hit. As a result,  the second season of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu kicked on 10th June 2018.

The second season of Bigg Boss Telugu is hosted by superstar actor Nani replacing Jr. NTR. (season 1). The show airs on the Star Maa channel at 9:30 pm IST on weekdays and at 9 pm on the weekends. The features sixteen participants on a vacation cum survival mission for 106 days leaving just one winner at the end.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestant List

This season has a unique twist with  13 celebrity contestants and 3 contestants from the common public.

Celebrity participants of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu:

  1. Geetha Madhuri – Singer
  2. Amit Tiwari – Actor (Villain)
  3. Deepti Nallamothu – TV9 Anchor
  4. Tanish Alladi – Actor
  5. Babu Gogineni – Indian Humanist, Rationalist and Human rights activist
  6. Bhanu Sree – Actress
  7. Roll Rida – Rapper
  8. Syamala – Anchor
  9. Kireeti Damaraju – Actor
  10. Deepthi Sunaina – Social Media Star & Actress
  11. Kaushal – Actor
  12. Tejaswi Madivada – Actress
  13. Samrat Reddy – Actor & Cricketer
  14. Nandini –Winner of Miss Andhrapradesh 2010, Actress ( Wildcard Entry)

The Commoners include:

  1. Ganesh – Radio Jockey, Vijayawada.
  2. Sanjana Anne – Model, Miss Hyderabad, Miss India Participant, Vijayawada.
  3. Nutan Naidu – Social Activist, Visakhapatnam.

Rules for the participants

  • All contestants once inside the Bigg Boss house cannot leave the place unless any elimination or emergency.
  • Every week, few of the contestants will go through elimination with one leaving the house decided by the audience poll.
  • Contestants are not allowed to sleep during the daytime after the morning alarm rings. Violating the rules may lead to various punishments.
  • Every contestant has to perform a task as assigned accordingly.
  • The contestants are strictly denied the use of mobile phones, television, newspaper, or any kind of connection with the outside happenings.

Week 1 Eviction: Sanjana Anne

With just 9% of the votes, it was Sanjana Anne who was out of Bigg Boss Season 2 in the 1st week. However, Sanjana’s elimination saw the first wildcard entry, Nandini Rai joining the House.

Week 2: Danger Zone Contestants

Following are the nominated participants for eviction in the second week:

  1. Babu Gogineni
  2. Deepthi Sunaina
  3. Ganesh
  4. Kaushal
  5. Nutan Naidu

BIGG BOSS 2: Online Voting Method

The audience can cast their vote on online:

  • Search for “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” on the google chrome browser.
  • You will be able to see the list of candidates in the danger zone for the week.
  • Login with your Gmail details.
  • Click on your participant whom you want to save and cast your vote.
  • You can cast 50 votes per voting cycle from Monday to Friday with ten votes per day for your favorite participant.

BIGG BOSS 2: Missed Call Voting Method

This is the conventional method where you can save your favourite contestant with a missed call on the assigned phone number.

The missed call is accepted by both landline and mobile numbers. You will get an SMS from Star India Private Limited confirming your vote.

This week’s danger zone list:

  • Babu Gogineni – 7729998805
  • Deepthi Sunaina– 7729998812
  • Ganesh– 7729998803
  • Kaushal– 7729998817
  • Nutan Naidu- 7729998809

How is the elimination decided?

After the voting cycle (Monday to Friday) ends, the contestant with the least number of votes( both online and miss call votes included) will have to leave the Bigg Boss show. The voting results are disclosed to the public on Saturday. The remaining contestants get another chance with a competition less to fight for the ₹50 lakh (US$75,000) prize money and many more benefits!

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Sadanandaraju gogu


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Tejaswini ki votes rakapoina hose lo unchinaru bigbos2 game West… Read more »


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Tejaswi attitude like a minister,kiriti Dharma Raju attitude. Is very… Read more »

Sadanandaraju gogu


Sadanandaraju gogu

I support Nagendra Prasad


tejaswi play game,very danger, behaviour bad, please elimitated her


Tejaswini overacting choodalekapotunnam devudaaaa…..Plz eliminate cheyandi…..


Kaushal garu challa baga matladatunaru andhi nani garu its not… Read more »

Sadanandaraju gogu

Amit Geetha Madhuri syamala and Kaushal are playing well.


Kaushals anger is justified only geetamaduriandkaushal are genuinely playing


Tajawni elimination cheyyandi plz ame ni chudalekapotunnam.bags over chestundi


Yes..teju ni eliminate




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Captain Amit and Tanish are cunning geetamaduri is kindhearted she… Read more »




Good show


i vote for ganesh because he is very honest person

S Mallik

Hi am watching the show big boss2… I need some… Read more »


Good Mallika u’r 100% correct

Rama Krishna Raju

I’ m vovoting to deepthi sunaina

Rama Krishna Raju

I’m voting for deepthi sunaina


bigboss show lo koushal,ganesh baaga aaduthunnaru nani garu veeriddharini eliminate… Read more »


Tejaswi Madivada – Actr yenduku amma ma pranalu theastav eliminate… Read more »


tejaswi over acting ekkuva chesthundhi big boss show lo genuine… Read more »




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Tejaswini is very very bad.please eleminate

P vinay kumar

Tejaswini ki votes rakapoina hose lo unchinaru bigbos2 game West… Read more »

I vote for ganesh


koushal is capable person to take capitan


koushal is capable person in the big boss


Plzzzz big boss deepti sunian ko nikal she not best

Vote for Geeta akka

ashok k

my vote is gsnesh


Can’t bare Tejus over action anymore.


tejaswi has to go out of the show


kaushal & Geetha madhuri r Genuine contestants


Teju was very overacting.teju valla show serialagaa anipistundi Chala… Read more »

hi sir Mr .NANI garu this is Srinivas from Bangalore… Read more »

hi big boss this is Srinivas that I think Tejaswi… Read more »


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My vote is kaushal he is perfect

My vote is ganesh

My vote ganesh&syamala


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Teju is overacting


big boss show lo tejaswi,samrat over actinge ekkuva mundhu vaallani… Read more »


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Tejeswi is dominating all, snd out her

Sadanandaraju gogu

Yes, send her out


I vote for ganesh


ganesh,kaushal, is best in big boss show


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big boss show lo tejaswi,samrat over acting eekkuva mundhu vaallani… Read more »


You are right.
I do agree with you.

Sadanandaraju gogu

Yes, send her out


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I vote for geetamaadhuri

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