October 3, 2018

Difference Between Blogger & Vlogger: Blogging vs. Vlogging

Difference Between Blogger & Vlogger: Blogging vs. Vlogging – Over the past few years, blogging (and vlogging) sector has seen an exponential rise in the number of newbies joining in. Talking about the difference, basically, those who express their views or earns through the website (written or pictographic content mainly) are considered bloggers. While on the other hand, when the same is done through videos irrespective of the platform whether it is Instagram or Youtube or Facebook etc., its known as Vlogging. In the market basically, three kinds of content creator exist i.e. those who only prefer to work on blogs, those who only prefer to work on Vlogs and those who prefer both – Blogging + Vlogging.Difference Between Blogger & Vlogger

Needless to say, huge increment can be seen in the graph of third types as digital marketers these days are willing to conquer both world’s largest and second largest search engine giants that is Google and Youtube. And, here comes the most asked question of all the times related to this sector. Will video graphics content totally replace the written one in the near future? No doubt, this question is reasonable at its place keeping in mind the craze of Youtube videos in the past few years.

Exact idea of this can be extracted from 4th May 2018 news from Business Insider when Youtube captured the headlines regarding its figures and statistics with an exact statement as “Youtube now has over 1.8 billion users every month, within spitting distance of Facebook’s 2 Billion.” Following this, the number of users who Logged into Youtube every month has even crossed the number of Gmail users, another electronic mail service from Google only. Youtube is presently headquartered at San Bruno, CA administered by Chief Executive Officer or CEO Susan Wojcicki and was founded in February 2005, years after Google came into existence.

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The simple and straightforward answer to that above question ( Will video graphics content totally replace the written one in the near future?) is NO. Everything is important separately at its own place. Although, it is considered that the trend is changing but the extinction of writing based content from the internet complete is simply not possible. Just like digital marketers who prefer both Vlogging and Blogging, there are people who prefer learning from reading and videos both. If it would be possible in that simple manner, novels would have extinct by now as there are movies based on almost all the world famous and best-selling ones.

Moreover, let’s suppose people will only prefer watching Youtube Videos in the upcoming years. Then what will happen to the Google which in itself is the written content based search engine and the parent organisation for Youtube? It can be concluded that not all the question are made to be answered. Some should be left as it is and observes what happens when the time comes. If written content will extinct, then Youtube’s parent organisation’s Google Adsense Revenue will be reduced to Zero. Right?

No doubt total one billion hours of Youtube videos are watched per day and youtube attracts about 1/3rd of users on the internet. I repeat One-third. So expecting that hundred per cent internet users (except social media based) will switch to YouTube this early is not at all correct. Revenue has been of the most important factors for any company to run. Just talking about my own experience, Revenue from Blogs is nearly twice as better as Revenue from the Vlogs or videos. Note: in this statement, I am only considering the revenue generated from Google Adsense or Youtube Adsense.

YouTube statistics are mind blowing undoubtedly, as according to OmniCore Agency, there are total 1.9 billion monthly active YouTube users, 30 million+ daily active Youtube users, 300000 TV paying subscribers, five+ billion videos shared to date (all these figured are counted as on 24th June 2018), 40 minutes of average viewing session, five billion videos watched per day, 500 million YouTube views per day and 300 hours of videos uploaded per minute. 62% of YouTube users are Males. Over one hundred fifty hours of Youtube is watched Every Day. A most interesting lesson needs to be learnt by Vloggers to make the video interesting is that. If within first 10-15 seconds, visual content of the video doesn’t interest the users, 20% of them leaves away right there.

This step indeed can downrank their video. Same as in Google, Search Engine Optimisation has to be done to get higher rankings for your website. In the case of Google, backlinks play the most important role. But, you should forget about the Backlinks word when it comes to Youtube SEO or Video SEO in 2018 or 2019 (or beyond). First of all, video ranker should properly go through YouTube Keyword Research, then publishing a high retention video. Further YouTube video optimisation needs to be done.

No doubt, CTR and Title tags are common Ranking factors in Google and Youtube because they are user satisfaction based. In YouTube videos, who can stick the viewers on their videos and create maximum possible engagements from Likes, Shares and Comments etc. is the winner. From this guide, hope in your mind, Difference Between Blogger & Vlogger: Blogging vs. Vlogging is cleared now. For more updates, go through below provided links of ALLTECHBUZZ.

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