July 27, 2016

You Can Now Earn Lakhs Every Year Catching Pokemon In India. Yup You Heard it Right

Pokemon Go has taken internet by storm. There has been a lot of fuss about the game and a lot of trolls also surfaced on Twitter. However, nothing has stopped people from playing Pokemon Go. And now companies have come up with Job opportunities for Pokemon Catchers. Yes, you heard it right. After the launch of the game in India, many youngsters started playing the game endlessly. Even Mumbai Police has shared an awareness message on the road safety aspect with respect to Pokemon Go but, got trolled in return.

To express their love and support for the game and most importantly the technology behind it, Babajob.com has announced its new job category: ‘The Pokemon Catcher‘.

This Is How Mumbai Police Gets On To The Pokémon Go Bandwagon To Deliver a Strong Relevant Message (2)

Apart from other popular job categories like drivers, maids, delivery boys, Babajob will now offer an opportunity to fans to become an official Pokemon Catcher. The job portal already has about 7 million jobseekers, and over 4,00,000 employees.


Another big fan of the game, Sean Blagsvedt, Founder & CEO, Babajob.com and a level 2 Handler said,

Just as companies like Flipkart, Amazon, OLA and UBER transformed and greatly expanded the delivery and driver job categories, we see Pokemon Go doing the same for Catchers. Babajob will be the premier portal for players everyone to hire screened, verified Pokemon Catchers. It’s an amazing time.

Babajob is based in Bangalore and they are currently offering jobs in various categories for over 400,000 youngsters all over India. We see more such companies offering Jobs to Pokemon catchers in the upcoming days.

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