July 25, 2016

Things Get Intense After Reaching The Level 30 On PokemonGo

Pokemon Go’ is the word which is trending and buzzing on the Internet since few days. It is the latest game which is seen in every youth mobile phones. Pokemon Go has become a rage in no time and everyone from youngsters to their folks has got addicted to the game. Pokemon Go has turned us all into monsters. Youngsters are being more attracted by the game. There is something in the game that just makes everyday life a little bit more interesting. This is the first kind of game that was designed and it is rocking. Once if we connect to the game, the game literally changing lives of everyone with its interesting features.

Do you want to be a good “Pokemon go” player? Then here are the views shared by the Reddit user  Verigood, a product manager at a software company in California. He got up to level 30 in a span of just 2weeks. As soon as he reached level30, a lot of questions hit his screengrab on the Pokémon Go subreddit.

The First thing you are going to get after reaching level 30 is the lot of bonuses.

pokemon go level 30bonus

Just Have A Look Over The Pokemon’s He Caught That Are Of Highest CP

pokemon go level 30


pokemon go level 30 1

Here Are Some Of His Answers To The Questions From The Reddit Screengrab:

#1. You need 500K XP to get from Level 30 to Level 31

pokemon go level30 reddit1

#2. You may need 4-5 Pokeballs to catch a single Pokemon from the level26.

pokemon go level30 reddit2

#3. You need to power up Pokemon as the level increases

pokemon go level30 reddit3

#4. You need 121 Pokedex

pokemon go level30 reddit4

#5. No need of using lucky eggs 24×7

pokemon go level30 reddit5

So, it is clear that there is still a long way to go in the game even after reaching the level 30. Stay updated to know  more experiences of the PokemonGo players after unlocking the master ball at level 35.

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