December 12, 2018

How To Delete Cookies In Chrome MAC/Windows For One Site (Using Selenium Webdriver)

Google chrome is the most used web browser in the world. But do you know what the best part is? Along with most used one, it is also the most trusted, authentic and safe web browser on the planet earth. But before blessing you with the step by step guide for deleting Cookies and Cache, here’s what you need to know about the difference between caches and cookies.How To Delete Cookies In Chrome

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How To Delete Cookies In Chrome MAC/Windows For One Site (Using Selenium Webdriver)

A cookie is used to store information to track different characteristics related to the user, while the cache is used to make the loading of web pages faster. Hopefully, you won’t fall in the confusion zone of different between Cookies and caches again.

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Here, the purpose of both cookies and caches is same, that is to store the data in the machine of the client. But why do you want to know How To Delete Cookies In Chrome? or Why do you want to delete cookies?

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Maybe any of your tech geeky friends have suggested you that “you must keep cleaning the caches and cookies from time to time, otherwise pages in your Chrome web browser will load too slow.” Then he/she is right upto a good extent. Not the perfect extent because you need not clear cookies all the time.

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Rather, many times, cookies get expired with the passage of duration. But, talking about the caches, they’re left in the client’s machine until and unless removed manually. And, today let’s begin with How To Delete Cookies In Chrome without further ado.

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If talking about the exact steps, here’s what you can do to delete the caches and cookies in Chrome –

(Note: Cookies can be removed from your Google Chrome browser in two manners. First is to block the path for all the upcoming cookies from the various websites that you surf. And, the second is to clear all the existing cookies. Starting with the end, we will first talk about how to delete all the existing cookies in Google Chrome browser.)

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To clear the existing cookies –

  • Step 1: Visit the “Tools” menu in your chrome browser.
  • Step 2: Now click on options and then hit on Under the Hood button.
  • Step 3: Given in the “Privacy” section, just hit on “Show Cookies” button.
  • Step 4: Now a new window will open up which will contain the list of all the cookies though. Next step will be either to click on “Remove all” if you want to delete all the cookies or you can choose the select the ones you’re willing to delete.

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To Block the path of upcoming cookies or to disable cookies – 

    • Step 1: Visit the “Tools” menu in your chrome browser.
    • Step 2: Now click on options and then hit on Under the Hood button.
    • Step 3: Now click on “Cookie Settings” and once done, click on “Block all cookies.”
    • Step 4: Now all the cookies must be blocked on your Google Chrome.

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Concluding with one important message that these steps are almost similar and can be used to delete the cookies and caches in almost all the browsers that are Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Maxthon, Flock, SeaMonkey, Avant Browser, K-Meleon, Konqueror, Netscape, Omniweb, Lynx, Amaya, AOL Explorer, iCab, Mosaic, Mozilla Application, iBrowse, Netsurf, GNOME Web, Shiira, Links, Erwise, xombrero, Oracle PowerBrowser, Conkeror, AWeb, ViolaWWW, MacWeb, Camino, AMosaic, Arachne, Worldwide browser, IBM Web Explorer, Cyberdog etc.

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And, with this, all your major queries will also be solved such as – Clear Cookies Chrome Android, Chrome Cookies Location, Chrome Clear Cache for Site, How to Clear Cookies on Android, Enable Cookies Chrome Mac, Clear Cookies Internet Explorer, Clear Cookies Firefox, How To Clear Cookies on Mac.

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