March 14, 2019

How To Enroll/ Register Name In Voters List? (In AP, Kerala, Tamil Nadu)

How To Enroll/ Register Name In Voters List? (In AP, Kerala, Tamil Nadu) – General Elections 2019 is on the head.

From the side of ECI (Election Commission of India), preparations are on the verge of completion. Not one or two, but almost daily tens of new guidelines are being released by Election Commission of India and National Voters’ Service Portal.

A latest and important one of them is “There is no online voting facility for any category of voter. Overseas Indians may submit an application for enrolment in form 6A online at or by using Voter helpline mobile app.

To Cast the vote on the date of the poll, an overseas elector may come to his designated Polling station with his Passport as a document for identification.”

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This guide is presented to you by ALLTECHBUZZ team, not only with the aim of registering your name in the voters’ list for your particular state.

But also, with the aim of making you aware of the upcoming Loksabha Elections. Recently, for all the states, Election Commission of India has also announced the dates of election.

ECI confirmed that dates are declared keeping in mind all the holidays, festivals and even ongoing written examinations of the candidates as well. is the official website of National Voters’ Service Portal and is the official website of Election Commission of India.

How To Enroll/ Register Name In Voters List? (In AP, Kerala, Tamil Nadu)

Step 1: For registration is to visit the official website of the National Voters’ Service Portal. It can be done in two ways, either in the URL section, just type Or, in Google, type NVSP and visit the first website that appears.

Step 2: After visiting, make sure to open the form number 6. With this URL, a new link ( will open and Form 6 will open up.

At first, in Form number 6, make sure to select your State, then please make sure to select your Assembly/ Parliamentary/ Constituency.

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Before proceeding to step number 3, here’s a small NOTE. It is not mandatory for you to fill the NVSP’s Form Number 6 online.

Also, you can download this form number 6. Take the print out of it. Fill it offline with a black pen. Then, make sure to scan it and convert it into a PDF file. And, then you can upload it in the top right corner on Form 6 on NVSP’s website.

Just after selecting your State and Assembly/ Parliamentary/ Constituency, note that by proceeding you’re agreeing to the statement – “I request that my name is included in the electoral roll for the above constituency, particulars in support of my claim for inclusion in electoral roll are given below.”

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Step 3: Now, under the Applicant’s details section, enter your Name in English and Regional language both. Also, enter your surname in both the languages.

Select your gender from the drop-down menu. Enter your age as on 1st January or if you don’t want to count it out, just simply enter the Date of Birth.

Step 4: Further, you will need to select the place of birth. And, in that, make sure to select the state, district, town and birthplace etc.

Also, it is mandatory to enter the name in English and Regional Language of any two out of Father’s, Mother’s and Husband’s name.

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Step 5: Next is to select or type and enter the District, State/ Union Territory, PIN Code, Post Office, City/ Village, Street, Area, Location, House Number etc. to complete the required details for current address, who applicant is nominally resident.

Step 6: In the next step, with one additional option of entering Family/ Neighbour Epic No., again you will have to select the District, State/ Union Territory, PIN Code, Post Office, City/ Village, Street, Area, Location and House Number etc. as a part of the required details for Applicant’s permanent address.

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Step 7: In the next section, you will have to enter the Optional Specialities such as Disability (if any) out of visual impairment, speech and hearing impairment, motion disabling and other.

Also enter the Email ID and Mobile Number, although both these options are optional. But still, you’re requested to enter the same so that in case if a problem occurs regarding enrollment of your name in the voter’s list, the staff of election commission of India may contact you easily.

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Step 8: Next step is all about uploading supporting documents (Supported formats .jpg, .png, .bmp, .jpeg) (max. 2MB). In this section, you will have to choose a scanned file of your Photo, age proof and address proof.

While selecting the age proof, you will also have to select the document type, which one you’re planning to upload out of Birth Certificate, Marksheet of Class 10, 8 or 5, Indian Passport, PAN Card, Driving License, Aadhar letter issued by UIDAI.

Step 9: And, when uploading the address proof, select anyone out of Indian Passport, Driving License, Bank/ Kisan/ Post Office Current Pass Book, Ration Card, Income Tax Assessment Order, Rent Agreement, Water Bill, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Gas Connection Bill, Post/ Letter/ Mail delivered through Indian Postal Department.

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Step 10: Your address and Date of birth must be entered correctly. In fact, it is too important for Election Commission of India that only in Form 6, ECI has confirmed these details twice from the applicant, once in the beginning and once again in the end.

For further proceedings, you will have to agree with the statements – I declare that according to my best knowledge and belief I am a citizen of India and of my birth and then enter details such as City/ Village; Select State; District etc.

Also, make sure to agree with I am a nominally resident in the address given in the above (date, month, year) and enter the dates.

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Step 11: Also, agree with the fact that I have not applied to include my name in the electoral roll for any other constituency.

You will also have to select any one out of these two options “My name has not been already included in the electoral roll for this or any other assembly / parliamentary constituency” OR “My name would have been included in electoral rolls of the State’s constituency, in which I was already residing in the address mentioned below, and if so, then I request that it be removed from that electoral roll.”

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Are you witnessing the Malpractices in our Democracy? Are you happy with the leaders contesting from your constituency? If not, then make use of NOTA (None of the above). A path-breaking step was taken by election commission of India to empower the voters.

The purpose of NOTA is to allow the voters to exercise their Right to Vote being compelled to select a particular candidate without any alternate options being available. If there’s no majority for the contestants, none of them will be declared the winner which will result in re-elections.

More just to let you know, here what do India’s voters want – maybe the government opens up more career opportunities for women, from these elections, the nation wants a government that will do something good for the farmers.

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India’s holding its general elections soon. More than 900 million people are expected to vote. Hopefully, with the help of this guide, all your questions related to upcoming votes in India such as voter ID search by name, check my name in voter list, voter ID download, voter ID online registration, voter ID application form, voter ID card online application form, voter ID status Telangana, part number of electoral roll etc. are cleared.

While still if you’re left with any doubt regarding How To Enroll/ Register Name In Voters List? (In AP, Kerala, Tamil Nadu), do let us know in the comment box below.

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