July 20, 2022

How to Increase Your Productivity with Android Apps

When it comes to work, dedicating yourself 100% to what you’re doing during your shift is of utmost importance. We often get distracted by the environment or our phone, or our mind simply wanders off in daydreaming while we lose precious time to handle the due tasks.

Instead of struggling, there’s a way out of it. We can use the help of technology that is growing daily. Technology offers many solutions, and everyone using it sees how valuable it can be. When it comes to this issue, Android apps may be helpful.

Android is the most popular and most frequently used operative system for smartphones and other mobile devices globally. Most people use it, which is why most apps are developed for it. In this article, we share a few solutions for your lack of productivity based on Android apps. Keep reading and see the options available.

1. Install a time-tracking software

Suppose you could monitor how you do your job during the day. In that case, you’ll notice that you’re wasting time on the most useless things—paying attention to issues that are not important, wrongly prioritizing, spending too much time on your phone, talking to colleagues about meaningless things, etc.

Being sharp and efficient is essential. You must implement time tracking techniques into your workday to get this in order. This is done easily by installing adequate software. When you do this, you’ll see where the time goes and what things you can cut and dedicate to more valuable stuff.

2. Find the best app blocker on the market

The most useless time spent is on your smartphone. Phones were designed to automate many things and help us save time, but as things go, this turned against us yet again. Phones are now filled with apps distracting us; instead of helping, they are slowing us down.

Games, social media, news apps, and many other things constantly distract us with their notifications. That’s why installing a flawless app blocker on your phone is a wise way to solve this issue. Block the apps distracting you, and see how tasks fly off your desk.

3. Use your phone whenever you need to take note

How many times has it happened to listen to your boss shooting orders, but you didn’t have where to write down what they said and end up struggling to get things done right? Of course, you end up making mistakes and doing everything over.

All this could’ve been prevented by downloading an app for taking notes. Find the best one for your needs and use it whenever your boss starts talking. If they ask what you’re doing, just reply that you’re taking notes; they’ll be thrilled by your proactive approach.

4. Opt for weekly reports and improve your efforts

You can’t find your errors from one day of trying to improve yourself. Installing a timesheet reporting software will help you realize how the past week went and see if you can improve even more. When you find out how much time you’ve spent on Instagram, you’ll probably realize what changes you need to make.

Installing a tracker that will provide reports means constantly improving yourself. Even when you make changes and see they are good for you, there’s always room to grow more. Go through the details, and see where more changes can be applied.

5. Install the Google suite

It is underestimated how valuable the Google suite of tools for creating documents is. From writing to calculating and making presentations, there’s no better free-to-use tool online that gives you the simplicity to create content and be productive.

Installing all tools from Google and getting used to them will unify your needs for various tools you’ve been using previously. The best thing about it is everything’s online, and the autosave works instantly, so you can never lose your work or get corrupt documents.


Install the right apps and improve your work productivity. The things we discussed are essential to getting things done right and with the needed pace. If you’re feeling distracted, you shouldn’t worry, as everyone today struggles to find time for everything at work. Install these apps, and you’ll surely improve your work performance.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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