August 30, 2021

How to Know Who Blocked You on Instagram

Most, if not all of us, have been blocked by someone on Instagram at some point. It’s not a great feeling, but many of us eventually move on and forget about it. However, there are times when we just want to know who blocked us and see whether they were a friend. Now, it’s very difficult to know who blocked you on Instagram without knowing their username, at the very least. No app or software can procure this data out of thin air, and Instagram itself doesn’t notify you when someone does it. What you can do, however, is try the tips below if you really want to know who blocked you on Instagram.

Try Searching for Their Instagram Profile

When someone blocks you on Instagram, this means that you can no longer view their account and see what their posts are. If you already know who blocked you or if you have suspicions about who it is, then here’s what you need to do: you can confirm whether they’ve truly blocked you by searching for their profile on Instagram. If their profile doesn’t appear in your suggestions like it normally would, then you’ve most likely been blocked.

If that user followed your account, you could also try searching for their name in your list of followers. Head over to your Instagram profile and tap on the section where all your followers are listed. You can either search for their name there or scroll through the list one by one. If you can’t find their name, there’s always a chance that they deactivated or deleted their account. To confirm whether this is the case, you can search for their name using your friend’s account. If your friend’s account has no problem finding that user’s profile, then you’ve definitely been blocked.

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Check Your Notifications

Believe it or not, but there’s actually a way for you to know if someone has blocked you by checking your notifications. As you know, Instagram showcases all your notifications in a list form in the notifications tab. If the user you think blocked you was in your notifications before because they liked your post or they tagged you in something, you should still be able to see it in your list. Now, tap on the user’s name to try and view your profile. If you’re unable to see their profile details, profile photo, and any posts on their account, then it’s a clear sign that you’ve been blocked.

Try Sending Them a DM

Another surefire way to know when something has blocked you is to send them a Direct Message or DM on Instagram. If someone has blocked you and you try to communicate with them in this way, you’ll see an error message informing you that “You can no longer send direct messages to this person,” just like on Facebook.

Check Your Mutual Friends

If you want to know if a certain user has blocked you, try checking your mutual friends’ accounts. For instance, try looking for a post by your friend that the user left a comment on. Then, click on the user’s name to be redirected to their profile. If you’re unable to see any kind of content on their profile, then they most definitely blocked you.


Getting blocked by someone, especially by someone who you thought was your friend, can be heartbreaking. This can also happen when you’ve had a falling out with a friend. If you have your suspicions and want to make sure if someone you know blocked you on Instagram, follow the different methods listed above. They’re easy to follow and not a hassle to do, so you should be able to find your answers in no time.

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