April 5, 2019

PUBG Ban In India (Which State & Why?): Latest News In Hindi – Is It True?

PUBG Ban In India (Which State & Why?): Latest News In Hindi – Is It True? – Like temple run, subway surfers, candy crush saga and others, PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground) has also become one of the most played smartphone games, not only Android but also for iOS.PUBG Ban In India

In fact, not only in India but internationally. But the news is that PUBG is also getting banned in various countries like Pokemon GO. So, is PUBG as addicted as Pokemon GO?

Or, what is the reason, PUBG is getting banned in India? Is it affecting studies of individuals and the work of professionals? Can you be jailed for playing PUBG in India? Tentatively, by what time, PUBG ban is expected to be lifted?

All such questions of yours will be perfectly answered today regarding this online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole.

Till date, in which state, how many individuals have been sent to jail for playing PUBG? And, in which states, cities, and districts in India, PUBG is banned? Let’s check.


PUBG Ban In India (Which State & Why?): Latest News In Hindi – Is It True?

Is PUBG Ban Lifted Now?

At this time, PUBG ban has been lifted, but just to let you know, not in all cities in which the ban was implemented. 1st April 2019 was the most remarkable day for PUBG lovers especially in the Gujarat State of India when newspapers captured the headlines like – PUBG Mobile ban lifted finally: What this means and why PUBG players should be happy.

But, a serious decision against PUBG seems to be coming shortly. Why? Because PUBG (Players’ Unknown Battleground) is becoming more and more like Pokemon Go with every next day. You will also agree with this point once you read this –

A student committed suicide from an urban area of Secunderabad city in the Medchal–Malkajgiri district of the Indian state of Telangana – Malkajgiri. But why? Because his mother rebuked him for playing PUBG instead of preparing for his board exam.

And finally, that happened, of which we all were afraid, i.e., after his suicide, several experts are seeking a ban on the PUBG. So, at one point, if the PUBG ban is removed in a state like Gujarat, then, on the other hand, PUBG Ban is capturing more and more demand cum attention at a place like Hyderabad.

You need not heed to the topics too much until and unless the debate remains in the public arena. But, as soon as the decisions get in the hands of the government, it becomes one of the most serious issues. Like it happened when National Child Rights Commission said the game should be banned because of its violent nature.

In various cities after 14 March 2019, PUBG (Players’ Unknown Battleground) was banned in many states and cities, following which lots of arrests were made. In the end, we are going to talk about the solution to this burning issue as well, so, stay tuned.

In which States PUBG was banned?

Mainly, PUBG was banned in Gujarat only. But the ban has been lifted now. What most important is to learn that, Telangana seems to be the next state in which PUBG ban rules can be seen. Why? Yes, mainly because of the that Monday’s suicide case. But, most importantly, it’s all because of various health issues and the addictive nature of the game that is directly hindering the studies of the individuals and works of the professionals.

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Why was PUBG Banned By A Few State Governments?

PUBG (Players’ Unknown Battlegrounds) was banned mainly because of two reasons that are – “Too Addictive” and “Mental Health” issues. But, do you remember that National Child Rights Commission accused the game of being violent? Indeed it accused.

But, that again falls in the mental health issues category. Overall the game was not proving to be good for the future of the students, thus country indirectly. Following which, the state governments took the matter into their hands. While, officially the law of our land and our type and form of government suggests – In a structure of government that has freedom as its base, it should not be allowed to interfere with people’s lives to such a degree that it regulates mundane and benign activities like playing a game.

There are students and professionals across the country who believes that there is no point in banning the game. And, one of the most critical reasons amongst all can be from the side of competitors of PUBG.

How? Because, initially, there were news reports that various deaths, suicides, crimes, anxious talks, and fights against parents are taking birth because of PUBG (Players’ Unknown Battlegrounds). But, in many of those cases, when police verified the investigation.

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It was found that PUBG (Players’ Unknown Battlegrounds) game name was involved in that issue, but the sole reason of the deaths, suicides, crimes, anxious talks and fights against parents was completely different. Like, a student committed suicide in Hyderabad on Monday because his mother asked him to stop playing PUBG and start preparing for the upcoming board exams.

So, it’s not like because of this single statement from his mother; a student committed suicide. There must be some extra pressure following various reasons from the side of parents that led the student to take such severe action.

Even, the Indian Film Actor – Raunaq Kamdar, in a press release statement said “Banning something like a game that only a handful of people are playing should not be the priority for the police. There are so many issues that require police’s attention. It’s good the ban has been lifted.”

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Punishment Of Playing PUBG Is Jail – Is It True?

Yes, it is true. After the PUBG ban, over ten people were arrested from Gujarat state alone. And, over 20 were arrested from the whole country. Many were sent to the Jail as well.

Although, there isn’t any official law of sending a person to jail in case he/ she plays a game. But, police did that just to create fear in the minds of individuals and forcing them to obey the lay.

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PUBG Latest Releases & Updates?

New Update 0.12 Beta Released, New RPG Gun, New Eagle feature are the three main updates for PUBG (Players’ Unknown Battleground) as of now. In this 0.12 Beta release, next-level features have been added. Few complicated features have also been added after watching them; your excitement will be doubled obviously.

At first on the home screen after installing 0.12 Beta Release, you will find the eagle sign. Once you’ve tapped on the eagle sign, nothing will be there.

But, then you need to go to inventory, then in the right-hand side, there will be four options from the drop-down menu, i.e., Dismantle, The Lap, Appearance, and Companions. You will need to click on the fourth option, i.e., Companions.

As soon as you’ve clicked on the companions, you will be redirected to a new window, and right there you will be watching an eagle as well. It’s quite realistic, and various flying movements and actions have been coded for this eagle.

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Although, from the side of PUBG, no official statement has been released till now regarding this eagle, for example, PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground) is yet to announce the use of this eagle.

Now, when the game is started, you will see the eagle sitting on your left shoulder, although, nothing to say about the use till now.

It may save you; it may bring something to you or any other function may exist. Right below there, buy now section is also available. That means that this eagle will only be used once it is purchased, and till then not.

There is one more update in PUBG, but the worst part is that it may exist for a limited time only.

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First of all, click on the map, then click on Event mode, now you will see that two maps will be available, out of them, one is locked, and another one is available for playing.

Now, one more update, the new gun has been added in the zombie mode. Although, the zombie mode was having lots of new guns only like the minigun and a flare gun was already there in the zombie mode, but one more thing that has been added in the game is a rocket launcher. The lots of demands were there that rocket launcher must be there in the game, again a grenade has also been added which you can use for the best possible gameplay.

The most important part of it is that it will only work in Beta versions and will not work in your original version. 

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The third important update is not so important. Because, just new frames have been added, more precisely – Default Avatar Frames. Now, if you will go to the settings option, you will find a scope option right there.

In the Chinese version, this option of “Scope” under settings was released almost eight to ten months earlier only. In this scope option, you can change your arrow, thus can make it multicolor by selecting the color of your choice from Crosshair Colors section. You can also change the red dot sight.

You can make it a green color from the red color, which was there by default. Now, everyone and their mom know that the red color has the highest wavelength.


But, in this PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground), the green color shines the most, following which, you will be able to target in the best possible manner. You can also change the red dot style, under crosshair style, various designs arrows for targets have been implemented right there like – . and cap.

Also, changing options are available for Holographic Sight, 2x, and 3x as well. Also, let’s talk about the new feature, just go to inventory, after that, select the fourth option and click on “New Voice Chat.” 

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What’s new in that is this – once you click on default voice in the top, you’re likely to find three options, i.e., Default Voice, Classic Voice or Normal Male Voice.

And, if you have been playing PUBG for many days, for now, you must be acquainted with the classic voice. The classic voice is the one in which a girl screamingly shouts like – “I got surprised.”

Hopefully, with this guide on ALLTECHBUZZ, all your queries related to Ban on Players unknown battleground from playing in India have been answered. Still, if you’re having any questions regarding PUBG Ban In India (Which State & Why?): Latest News In Hindi – Is It True? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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