December 29, 2018

10 Great Reasons to Convert PDF to Excel

Numbers are a significantly important part of everybody’s life in one way or the other. There’s a lot that you can do with numbers, and when it comes to running a business, keeping track of numerical figures has never been more important. Whilst some people say that numbers don’t lie, others argue that sometimes they can, and that statistics can be modified and skewed in order to fit a certain profile. However, no matter your opinion on the authenticity of numerical results, almost everyone agrees that managing large amounts of numerical data requires an easy and efficient way.

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One of the best ways for managing data is the use of a PDF to Excel converter. Excel is a handy tool that comes included with a standard Microsoft Office package, or you could even use Google’s free option – Google Sheets which has similar features. However, using Excel to manage data can become incredibly time consuming and tedious if you do so manually as you’ll need to input large amounts of numbers in order to complete your analysis or track your data – and, of course, there’s the added worry of making sure it’s all inputted correctly. This is where converting PDF to Excel saves the day – and we’ve listed ten great ways why you should use the PDF to Excel converter from today.

Less Time Needed

If you’re a statistician, you’ll know that it’s required of you to interpret data efficiently for your clients, and that most of that data is presented to you in a number of formats with PDF format being the most likely. Information must be compiled from a number of sources in order for you to come up with a summary of the data by compiling the statistics. It would be great if clients could give you the data in spreadsheet format but this is usually not possible – and if you don’t have the time to copy all the data onto a spreadsheet manually, converting PDF to Excel is the answer.

Crunching the Numbers

Even if you’re not a statistician, there are a number of other roles that will require you to do some number crunching in order to come up with a result. Perhaps you work in the marketing field and need to come up with infographics in order to make a point using your numbers – after all, the numbers can make or break your marketing efforts. Converting PDF to Excel is an efficient way of displaying these numbers in such a way that you can see exactly the effect your efforts have.

Interpreting Numbers

The majority of businesses will need to interpret numerical data in some way or another. Whatever industry you manage or work in, you will probably need to quick and easy way to manage your inventory, fleet or even the payroll. Converting PDF to Excel is an effective way to do this.


When it comes to inputting data from a PDF file into Excel manually, it leaves far too much room for error. Industries such as the health care industry know exactly how important accuracy is when it comes to tasks such as scheduling appointments, tracking stock and managing research data. Improve your accuracy today by using a PDF to Excel converter.

Fast, Efficient Turnaround

If you work in an industry that manages clients’ money such as real estate agents or insurance brokers, you’ll understand that clients expect both organisation and a fast, efficient turnaround in order to provide a quick quote. Use a PDF to Excel converter to achieve this by moving all the required information into one easy program that you can use to explain to your customers.


More and more people are planning big events such as their weddings on Excel, making it an excellent tool for event planners and wedding planners. If you work in this industry, consider using a PDF to Excel converter in order to convert the information given to you by your customers into a spreadsheet that you can work with easily.


If you’re self-employed, you’ll know how tedious doing your tax return each year can be. Make it easier on yourself by using a PDF to Excel converter to easily manage a year’s worth of data.

Turn Your Hobby into a Business

More and more people are turning their hobbies into businesses. Whether you make greeting cards, clothing, or even paint pictures, you can benefit from using a spreadsheet to help you manage your small business.

Time Management

More and more people are using Microsoft Excel as a great time management tool whether for business or personal use, however the object of time management is defeated if you spend hours upon hours inputting data into your time management spreadsheet. Use a PDF to Excel converter to make inputting data into your time management sheet a less-time-consuming task, and free yourself up some valuable time to dedicate to more important tasks or even valuable time with your family

Purely for Pleasure

Using Microsoft Excel doesn’t have to be just for businesses and work, it’s also a handy tool if you like to keep track of things that you do for fun. For example, if you play the Lottery regularly, you might find that using Excel is a great way of keeping track of your lottery numbers. If you like to be organised and efficient, Excel is a great tool that you can implement in almost any area of your life–from working out how much spending money you’ve got to keeping track of items that you collect. However, you don’t want to spend that much time pouring over a spreadsheet – so use a PDF to Excel converter to convert all your PDF data into a spreadsheet by the click of a few buttons.

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If you use a PDF to Excel converter, we’d love to hear about how it has benefitted you? Is your data more accurate, or have you found that you have a lot more time free to focus on other tasks? Leave your response in the comments.

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