April 19, 2022

5 Ways to Make Delivery Route Planning Efficient

In the modern world, having a delivery-based business means owners have to handle delivery operations with utmost care. A slight here and there could hamper their business and they might lose their existing customers. Of course, the technology could prove to be a gamechanger for their business, but it won’t matter if they don’t have sufficient manpower.

Nowadays, business owners need to give extra effort when it comes to planning routes efficiently using route optimization software. Some of them may even spend hours because they need to take care of customer preferences during route planning.

To tackle such issues, we have discovered five effective ways to plan delivery routes. Let us go through them one by one.

5 Useful Ways for Efficient Route Planning

These five ways of route planning could be the major turning point for most business owners. So, one should keep them in mind while planning and optimizing routes.

Make an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

Businesses that perform deliveries in numbers should develop an SOP for their staff members. No matter if they use a manual method or advanced routing software, there should be a set of rules to be followed by the driver and dispatchers.

By implementing such a procedure, there would be no last-minute delivery hassles unless customers have special requests. Hence, it will ensure no blame game between team members before or after the delivery process.

In addition, one can even install the delivery management system to operate multiple deliveries in a timely manner. It will lessen the workload of the owner in such a way that they don’t need to keep an eye on every activity.

Automate Route Planning

It is a significant way to quickly perform the route planning and optimization work. Owners who are finding it difficult to manage multi-stop deliveries should use the advanced route planner. This enables them to plan routes in minutes with automated routing software.

Also, they would have a bird-eye view of the ongoing delivery operations. It will ensure no duplicate delivery addresses and keep the data safe in the cloud storage. Investing in routing and optimization software would bring down unnecessary operational costs and owners would have extra time to analyze the reports.

Create Route Schedule in Advance

When the purchase orders are more than usual, one can opt for planning delivery routes in advance. For route schedules, businessmen might need help from the online route generator.

This is one of the beneficial ways to generate efficient routes because the routing system will keep the delivery crew updated. And therefore, multiple deliveries for the same day would not be disrupted.

Owners can get the advanced routing software equipped with a dedicated driver app instead of updating each crew member individually. This app will direct drivers to complete their delivery job without any unnecessary stops on the road.

Since the delivery driver is already informed, there would be fewer chances of skipping deliveries. Even though it takes less than a minute to plan routes, it’s better to keep the route schedule ready.

Accept Customer Feedback

While going for efficient routes, business owners should pay attention to receiving customer feedback. Customer suggestions would help them plan routes in a better way. Using customer feedback for generating routes will help them see the positive and negative sides of the delivery services.

Moreover, the customer feedback would dig out loopholes if found during the delivery process. Delivery drivers, too, can share their experiences on how they deal with customers’ likes and dislikes. So, whenever the admin creates routes, they keep customer expectations in mind.

People who are into startups or entrepreneurs can ask the customers to drop their feedback at the completion of delivery. These small steps would help them convert new customers into repeat customers. Plus, they may get ideas to improve delivery services.

Avoid Late Deliveries

When business owners are busy finding the optimal routes, they often forget to perform on-time delivery. Such late deliveries may result in consequences. And if it happens frequently, the existing customers might not show up next time.

So, they should make an efficient route plan where deliveries need to be performed within a defined time window. To get rid of late deliveries, one should take advantage of online route optimization software.

The delivery route planner will not only assist the driver to make quicker deliveries but also help the admin to re-optimize the route if needed.

Final Thoughts

Delivery route planning should be done considering the road constraints, customer expectations, and availability of drivers. It would be a challenging task for business owners to gather resources under one roof. But, such issues might not even exist if they got the right route planning software.

From the above-mentioned ways, it is safe to say that online route planner has a clear edge in terms of route planning and optimization. Here, we discussed how these five ways can help businessmen to generate an optimized route plan.

Such methods will guide them to edge-past delivery chaos with fewer resources. Hence, we can say route optimization software could be a long-term solution for multi-route delivery planning.

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