April 18, 2019

WhatsApp Plus, YOWhatsApp, BSEWhatsApp & GBWhatsApp Banned?

WhatsApp Plus, YOWhatsApp, BSEWhatsApp & GBWhatsApp Banned? – LATEST NEWS – Like WhatsApp, there are many other mobile applications for Android and iOS both, of which people are installing and using for example – GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Gold.

So, if you’re using GB WhatsApp and all these applications, can you be hacked? In Today’s guide of ALLTECHBUZZ, we will discuss each and every detail in-depth regarding GB WhatsApp and all other similar third-party smartphone applications. But why do people use all these apps instead of using WhatsApp original app?WhatsApp Plus, YOWhatsApp, BSEWhatsApp & GBWhatsApp Banned? - LATEST NEWS

It’s because, all such apps promise that they will give your best and additional feature from the original version of the WhatsApp, following which, in the greed of more and more convenient features, people install such third-party apps. Let’s take the example of WhatsApp GB, If you install WhatsApp GB, you will get many features.

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Like if you’re sending a message to someone, then just upon your name, “online” will be written. And, if you’re typing something, then “typing…” will be written on your screen. It is also containing the autoresponse feature.

That means you can tell the app if someone has sent you a “hello” message, then you can tell the app which message to reply back automatically with the help of bots. Apart from that in GB WhatsApp, there is also a DND feature.

DND means Do Not Disturb. Following this, even if there is internet switched on in your smartphone, no message will arrive and sent back in GB WhatsApp. Apart from that, you can also change the theme and you can also change the colors of the icon in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus, YOWhatsApp, BSEWhatsApp & GBWhatsApp Banned? – LATEST NEWS

So, it’s better to be called as add-ons instead of additional features that GB WhatsApp is blessing their users with an original WhatsApp is not. But the sole question that lies ahead says – if GB WhatsApp is such an awesome app, why should not one use it on their mobile phones?

First of all, this is the unofficial version of WhatsApp, thus, you will not be able to find this App on PlayStore. And, side by side, they do not have any official website as well. There is a developer called Omar. He is running an Arabic website and he’s created this application as a copy of WhatsApp and put it into circulation.

Now he got it into circulation? Actually, he added so many features in it, that Indian and other eastern countries or Asian countries people thought – If they will install GB WhatsApp in their smartphones and will show it to their friends.

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Then, whosoever finding these many features will be shocked and surprised and will ask about – How Do You Have So Many Features In Your WhatsApp, I don’t have. Following which, this developer posted the apk file of WhatsApp on various websites so that a person visits any particular website, download it and install it by clicking on the unsourced button.

This case is similar to the case in which you’re using the BHIM App and SBI App. Now if any random developer creates any unauthorized banking app. Now whenever you’re using SBI App or BHIM App, you’re asked for the MPIN, OTP (One Time Password) and other Password.

Now, if you’re using that unauthorized random banking app with the look, themes and icon of BHIM App changed, and now will ask for your password.

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So that whenever you will need to make the payment. On your behalf, the app owner will put the password but you’ll get it stuck in your mind that your banking details will open up with someone else and anyone can take out the money from it.

So, what you learn till now is to never ever use any third-party application until and unless the original one remains available. Because, in this current world of digital crimes, if you’re installing the third party application, without knowing who are the people and their motives behind it, you’re just preparing yourself to get hacked. If someone is sending “Hi” on WhatsApp, then the API is hit.

That practically and in simple language means – that message is first moved to the server and then is reached to the receiver. But, these third-party applications like WhatsApp Plus, YOWhatsApp, BSEWhatsApp & GBWhatsApp have tampered that server.

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Thus, as soon as such websites got the API of original WhatsApp. Then they prepared the mobile application of similar kind and asked you to install it.

Now, in general, if you are sending a photo to someone, it’s API hit the server of WhatsApp and thereafter the message is being sent to the receiver from there. But, in case you’ve installed a GB WhatsApp, now, in-between all your data can be recorded by the GB Whatsapp or all such other third-party applications.

Now, if you’re a little bit tech-savvy person, you will ask that there are end-to-end encryptions in while using the WhatsApp Message. Then, how will the GB WhatsApp read and store your messages? It’s as simple as that – since you are using the GB WhatsApp app to send the message.

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Thus, GB WhatsApp is storing your message and data even before it is being sent to your friends. Thus, in short, if you are using GB WhatsApp, then, your privacy will be no more. Now, there is one serious problem regarding privacy in India, no one takes it seriously.

Everybody says they are open-minded. Simply just keep in mind, if you’re using WhatsApp like third-party apps such as WhatsApp Plus, YOWhatsApp, BSEWhatsApp & GBWhatsApp. Then you have put someone on your mobile phone who can check your private message, private photos, and other details.

Even, all your private photos and videos can be uploaded right upon various websites on the internet and YouTube, etc. Thus, take care and never ever think of using the GB WhatsApp.

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There are many people who don’t even trust FaceBook and Google Assistant apps which are based on Artificial Intelligence. Because, in a recent report, millions of usernames, passwords, and data were stolen from the Facebook application.

Apart from that, when you say OK Google to Google Assistant, it clearly listens to you and gets activated. But, what when you’re not saying OK Google and you’re busy with your other talks?

Google Assistant is listening to you at that time as well. Thus, Google is listening to each and everything you speak at when your Android or Siri operating system based smartphone is there with you.

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Thus, directly or indirectly, if you’re using futile and useless apps like WhatsApp Plus, YOWhatsApp, BSEWhatsApp & GBWhatsApp and other similar apps for Instagram, Facebook, etc. then you’re not only preparing to hack yourself but also you’re just preparing to get the data hacked of the person who will receive your message.

So, never try to install such third-party applications which have been prepared in China, Russia or somewhere else in the greed of some temporary show-off kind of features. Because, the time has come, we Indians have to get serious about our privacy.

Privacy of an individual is a birthright, and you should never take your privacy for granted. All your photos, videos, phone number, chat history, patterns in which you save your password can be estimated and leaked over time by using such a third-party application.


In fact, you may face a financial loss as well if you continue to use these third-party applications. Because, there are times when you have been using your smartphones to make payments, use various payment applications, use net banking to make payments.

And, in case you use this GB WhatsApp and other similar applications, your screen recording is possible and you might soon get ZERO rupees as your account balance as well. Because hacking is now becoming very common in India. And the factual part is that the accused are lesser and victims are more in India.

Data-stealing in India is happening in many parts of the country these days. Even we don’t have experience and knowledge of how harmful that smartphone can be proved to us. Thus, whenever you’re there in an important meeting or some secret meeting, just make sure to keep your mobile’s internet off.

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Keeping an internet switched on, you never know which app is recording your talks. Technology’s Pros and Cons are extremely on high-ends.

Just the good news is that WhatsApp has already taken action against all the third-party applications such as WhatsApp Plus, YOWhatsApp, BSEWhatsApp & GBWhatsApp officially now. According to the latest press release reports, if you’re using GB WhatsApp on your mobile phone then you will be permanently banned from using the original version of WhatsApp online.

So, if you want to remain to save and don’t want yourself to be banned, you’re requested to uninstall and delete all such third-party applications from your smartphone and never ever try to install them back again.

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Undoubtedly, GB WhatsApp is having the following features –

  • Ability to send over 50 Images in one go.
  • Media can be consumed without loading the application.
  • An Option to hide the date and name in the app.
  • The modded app supports the GBWhatsapp web login.
  • Broadcast messages can be sent to up to 600 people

But, over the passage of time, they’re all useless.

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Hopefully, with today’s in-depth guide on ALLTECHBUZZ, all your queries related to GB WhatsApp 2019, GB WhatsApp Download, GB WhatsApp 6.50 App Download, Download messenger of GB WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp App Download for Android APK.

But, still, if you’re facing any questions regarding WhatsApp Plus, YOWhatsApp, BSEWhatsApp & GBWhatsApp Banned? – LATEST NEWS, just make sure to ask the ALLTECHBUZZ Team in the comment box given below.

GB WhatsApp has been one of the most used mobile applications in the world but it’s not much safer to use. Anyways, your question will be answered by one of our experts as soon as possible.

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