October 10, 2017

6 Times Google Repeatedly Mocked Apple at the Made By Google Event

Whenever it comes to an event launch of a new hardware product, most of the companies won’t launch their products without boasting by comparing them with the similar products of the tech giant Apple. Even Google mocked Apple and its iPhones at the recent Made by Google Event to boast it’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones. Although most of the smartphones are powered by Gooogle’s Android os, Apple occupies 90% of the profits in the smartphone industry.

It isn’t the first time when Google made fun of Apple. Google mocked Apple during its first Pixel event last year. It looks like the company doesn’t want to miss a chance when it comes to taking a jab at Apple in every aspect possible. Take a quick look at these incidents when Google mocked Apple.

1. It started with a Trailer

Google released a promo video of its pixel2 phones which contains “What if a company based on questions, questioned this?” following a clip featuring a woman biting an Apple is shown.


2. Color names of Pixel devices

Google launched the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices in three colors kinda blue, just black, and clearly white. When Apple launched iPhone 7 in JetBlack color, Google also launched its first generation Pixel devices in three colors with funny names  Really Blue, Quiet Black, and Very Silver. Google continued to introduce the second generation Pixel phones with different names by saying “We love picking the color names.”


3. Both devices get same features

Google further explained about choosing between the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones by saying “Feel free to choose whichever size Pixel you prefer because you will get same great experience on both. We don’t set aside better features for the larger device.” Apple differentiates it’s iPhone Plus devices by including great features such as Portrait mode in iPhone 7 plus and excluding it in its smaller version iPhone 7. Google promised to provide the same features and camera in both the Pixel 2 Pixel 2XL phones except the size by indirectly mocking Apple.


4. Transfer data from iPhone to Pixel in 10miutes

Google mocked Apple in a scenario where it said transferring photos, apps, and even iMessages from old phone to Pixel is easy and can be done in 10 minutes by displaying the blow picture in the slides.


5. Limited Storage in iCloud

Google also took a dig at Apple by saying, “All of the Pixel users will continue to get free, unlimited storage for all videos and photos they capture in the highest resolution including 4K video and motion photos.” and continued by clearly saying “Pixel users take twice as photos as iPhone users and store an average of 23GB of photos and videos per year in Google’s cloud. If you use iCloud, you will reach the free limit in less than 3 months.”


6. One More Thing

While concluding the event a Google executive switched between the products by saying “One More Thing” which is the tagline of Apple.

On Wednesday Google launched its own hardware products including Google Clips, Pixel Buds, Home Mini and Home Max and DayDream along with Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and Pixel Book.




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