January 14, 2019

How To Use Bluetooth Headset with TV/ On PC For Call (In Ear)

How To Use Bluetooth Headset with TV/ On PC For Call (In-Ear) – Today what we are going to do is to learn how to pair your Bluetooth headset to your Phone. How To Use Bluetooth Headset

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How To Use Bluetooth Headset with TV/ On PC For Call (In-Ear)

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I am using a Droid X2 for demonstration but obviously, most devices if not pretty much all of them.

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Now pretty much have the same menu and settings and where you are going to go to do this so you should be able to follow along with this and use it with any Android device you have so first things first. Hope you have your Android Headset in your head.

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We are using HM 3500 which happens to not only take phone calls but stream audio. You could be pairing this or if you had like a set of Bluetooth speakers this process would pretty much be the same as well. First things first, what we are going to do is get the phone itself into Bluetooth mode. 

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So what we will do is hit menu then the settings> Wireless and Networks. Then you can see clearly there’s a turn on Bluetooth so it will turn on Bluetooth and we will get a green checkmark, all right? So we’ve got that taken care of next I’m going to take my headset and put it in pairing mode. That’s important because you want this to be in Bluetooth and also the phone. So that they can talk and communicate essentially.

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So, on this one, all I had to do is just click the power switch over. In most cases, most of the headsets actually just have to turn them on or hold the power button down for a specific amount of time and then it goes into pairing mode with your device should be in some instructions.

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If there’s anything different than that, but basically the key is you’re wanting to put the Bluetooth device into pairing mode so we’ve got it the Bluetooth turned on. We’ve got our headset ready to be paired so we’re going to hit Bluetooth settings. And then, we will scan for devices.  

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Also, notice that up in the corner there is a Bluetooth symbol is not filled in a but it shows that it’s on so that will help you know that you turn Bluetooth on at least or whether it’s on to being with we see the device I want to pair. Just tap there. So, there it shows connected to phone and media audio, so we are now ready to go.

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I could just go right into my contacts in my phone book if I wanted to and I would be able to make a phone call and hear it through my Bluetooth. I am also once in that phone call on the screen there would be an option to remove the Bluetooth from working. 

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So that you could maybe speakerphone or something different if you wanted to but basically, that’s how to pair it now all you got to do is find someone to call or find a song you want to listen to if you’ve got one like mine. As far as the Bluetooth but I hope this has been helpful if you have any more questions or you want to make a comment please type in the ATB Comment box given below.

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