December 21, 2014

Micromax YU Yureka vs OnePlus One | Which Is a Better Cyanogen Smartphone?

Yureka…!!! Yeah, you would utter this word if you would come to know the best aspects of the Micromax YU  Yureka. Are you in fix? Release Micromax YU Yureka smart mobile with Cyanogen has made it complex and is leaving most of the techies and smart mobile freaks in ambiguity to choose a better choice between the One Plus One mobile. Then here we end this ambitiousness with this post which would ensure and helps all the tech freaks and smart device lover who wish to upgrade to the new smart device.

Micromax YU Yureka vs OnePlus One:

micromax yureka vs one plus one

Micromax YU Yureka Launch

Indian smart mobile manufacturer Micromax has launched its much awaited and prognosticated smart device YU Yureka which has been classified under YU series of smartphones and operates on latest updated version of Cyanogen OS. What makes it more special of a kind is that its budgetary cost of Rs 8,999 in Indian domestic markets and is a first domestic branded smart device to be launched with Cyanogen OS in India. Though it is powered with Cyanogen OS Micromax YU Yureka appears as Android smartphone with the bewitching and captivating specifications, features and most concerned factor in India budgetary price. For those who aren’t aware of the Cyanogen OS let me make it clear that Cyanogen software is based on the Android operating system, popular for the host of customization and features it provides over stock Android.

Micromax YU Yureka vs OnePlus | One Which Is a Better Cyanogen Smartphone?

Recently there has been a rival between the Indian smart mobile giant Micromax and One Plus One with the launch of Cyanogen OS smartphones in India where Micromax is claiming that One Plus One has been infringing its exclusive rights over Cyanogen in India and filed an lawsuit. Check out the best specifications of these two smart gadgets and find out which gadget has the best aspects of Cyanogen with this review.

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Micromax YU Yureka Vs One Plus One

Display Specifications

Micromax Yureka has 5.5 inch IPS display with HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels while dissimilar to the One Plus One it is facilitated with the full-HD screen which implies that the number of pixels per inch are less and One Plus One comes with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels in comparison. We sensed that colours to be a little over saturated in the Micromax YU Yureka mobile however we didn’t notice distortion due to lower pixel density and are not pretty sure if it has got to do with the custom icons of the default theme that look a little too vibrant or the display. Other most concerning factor is that both smartphones have a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for added protection against scratches.

Micromax YU Yureka vs OnePlus | One Which Is a Better Cyanogen Smartphone?


Micromax YU Yureka  and One Plus One operates on Cyanogen OS 11 based on Android 4.4.4. Cyanogen offers features and options which are not found in the official firmware distributed by mobile device vendors. Cyanogen supports native theming support, FLAC audio codec support, a large Access Point Name list, an OpenVPN client, Privacy Guard – a per-application permission management app, support for tethering over common interfaces, CPU overclocking and other performance enhancements, soft buttons and other “tablet tweaks”, toggles in the notification pull-down (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS), as well as other interface enhancements. Cyanogen is found to be a key aspect to increase performance and reliability compared with official firmware releases.

Micromax YU Yureka vs OnePlus | One Which Is a Better Cyanogen Smartphone?

Micromax assures stating that their smart device Yureka would turn out as an best and is the first smartphone to to get the Android Lollipop OS based version of Cyanogen on the other hand One Plus One smart device may not get the Android Lollipop OS based version of Cyanogen in India right now.

Memory Storage Specifications

Micromax Yureka has been offered with 16GB of inbuilt memory space and supports an external secondary storage up to 32 GB using a microSD card; on the other hand One Plus One comes with 64 GB of inbuilt space at just Rs 21,999 and doesn’t have any external memory card slot to expand the memory and is double the cost of the Yureka.

Micromax YU Yureka vs OnePlus | One Which Is a Better Cyanogen Smartphone?

Processor Specifications

Mircomax Yureka operates on 64 bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa core chip with 1.5GHz processor cores, Adreno 405 graphics and 2GB DDR3 RAM and sports the latest internals and is one of the cheapest devices to offer 4G connectivity and a chip based on 64 bit architecture. Micromax Yureka has Qualcomm’s latest chip supports dual-mode 4G LTE connectivity with support for both LTE TDD 2300MHz and LTE FDD 1800MHz bands covering most present and upcoming Indian 4G networks. However Mircomax Yureka has 2GB of RAM, which is lower than the 3GB RAM on the OnePlus One which would leave an impact and has effect if you are really concerned of high end performance while it has no noticeable difference in the speeds in the two phones.

Micromax YU Yureka vs OnePlus | One Which Is a Better Cyanogen Smartphone?

Battery Backup Specifications

Micromax Yureka operates and functions with 2500mAh battery while One Plus One functions with 3100mAh battery which makes it clear with less battery power backup although as per most of the smart devices users you can judge the battery power backup unless and until you use it as per your specifications however the battery power test and our personal test with One Plus One was good.

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Micromax YU Yureka vs OnePlus | One Which Is a Better Cyanogen Smartphone?

Camera Specifications

One Plus One and Micromax Yureka both the smart devices has 13 MP od rear camera (f2.2 aperture, capable of 1080p video capture) with Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor and a 5MP front camera with 71 degree field of view. What makes Micromax Yureka somewhat special is that its capability to shoot slow-motion videos as 60 frames per second and a future software update will make it capable of shooting slow motion video at 120 frames per second which stands a s fascination aspect for those who wish to explore some sort of photography with their smart device. Micromax Yureka has been offered with the CyanogenMod Camera app that offers granular settings for controls including size, quality, shutter speed, focus duration, focus mode, and ISO, among others. Vertical swipes change the scene mode while a horizontal swipe allows you browse pictures and videos shot with the phone. The app offers Panorama, Burst and HDR modes. Photo clarity varies with both the phones.

Micromax YU Yureka vs OnePlus | One Which Is a Better Cyanogen Smartphone?

On a concluding note, I would like to state that One Plus One which is acclaimed as flagship killer offering high end features is better option while if you are really looking for an mobile with that of similar features then you may opt Micromax Yureka as it is one of the best budgetary mobiles in the recent times with best top notch features in the price slab of Rs 10,000 below price in India. At the Micromax Yureka is assuring a software update with doorstep service and replacements and a great warranty policy this would leave out one of the best mobile with Cyanogen. Stay connected for more tech updates.

So, now that you have gone through all the specifications of the mobile click here to know how to buy Micromax Yu Yureka.

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  1. Hello Suresh,

    Thanks for the review and comparision of micormax yu yureka. I loved your infographic, can I embedd it in my site?

    Abdul Ghani,
    Tech Glows

  2. micromax service is very poor and build quality is always plastic
    please mention above that.please furnish more detail about this yurekha and why cynogen

  3. The only sore thing in the phone is lack of FHD, Though, HD resolution is good, they could have increased the price by about 1000 /- and included FHD along with Sony IMX 214 sensor with 2.0 or 1.8 aperture.. Their current IMX 15 is a scrap. They are still trying to utilize the junk that has been left over by Sony..

    Awaiting for above specifications…

  4. Nice effort made by the site …I will go with yurekaha as it is budgetary and high end of its kind

  5. The only doubt is will Micromax Yu yureka performace once it will be upgraded to Android 5.5 lollipop and display screen due to not providing full HD. The last point where this can be a failure due to battery which is only 2500 mah it should be somewhere 3000 mah

  6. micromax build quality is
    always plastic…so this set is vry pore….& batery life is vry vry pore..but it`s specification is

  7. I Like this phone i relay waiting for Yu Yureka Micro max for different specifications

    Thank You

  8. Hey,Suresh ..

    Micromax yu is friendly budget phone but is it upgraded towards lollipop?…. In this snapdragon is bit awesome but i do hope this is true octa core. Not low quality 8 × cores … china

  9. i am not gonna go for chinese handset when i nve my homegrown company providinng me the best specs at afordable prices….loves yureka

  10. Micromax rocks ! Micromax has outgrown its big competitors like Samsung, Nokia and these dumb Chinese smartphone companies like one plus and Xiomi which are not reliable and known for their hidden spyware codes in their device hardware and are reported and banned to use by intelligence and defense departments.

    Micromax despite of being an indian company it was successful in becoming a global player with markets outside of India including Russia with in a short span of time.

    I have personally experienced the Xiomi M3 and Redmi note myself and i can guarantee that you will lose your money without having any service for your devices and you will face hardware problems like speaker complaint , earphone socket damage, blinking display etc.

  11. coolest phone under 10k just priced rs8,999 good features good camera customization is too cool cyanogenmod one should definetly grab it

  12. the phone is just fantastic at a price range of below 10k priced at only rs 8,999 features,customization by cyanogenmod are too good another plus is its camera quality is awesome one should grap it:-)

  13. the smartphone is just too amzing with features ,camera quality,customization of cyanogen mod just too at the price of rs 8,999 best smart phone under 10k one should definetely buy it

  14. Totally is good but battery backup is very poor & mobile is heating very fast

  15. Only those People gives bad Reviews for the Yureka… who are Unable to buy it 😛 But truely it is Amazing phone at this price(8,999) If people want some more great features in the phone, then they have to Spend Atleast 20,000 to 25,000 Excepting Asus Zenfone Zoom

  16. Only those People gives bad Reviews for the Yureka… who are Unable to buy it

    But truely it is Amazing phone at this price(8,999) If people want some more great features in the phone, then they have to Spend Atleast 20,000 to 25,000 Excepting Asus Zenfone Zoom

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