September 20, 2019

15 Best Selling Premium WordPress Themes This 2019

Imagine going back in time to 2003 when WordPress was first released.

WordPress 0.71-gold came with a default b2layout and just 2 templates for handling comments.

There was a rather unattractive sidebar and a plain header.

While this doesn’t sound all that appealing now, in its day, this was the bees knees!

Compared with other personal publishing platforms, WordPress was simple and easy to modify.

Its minimalist approach was more suitable for the speed of the Internet in those days.

But when WordPress 1.5 was released, Webmasters and developers marveled at how more than one theme could be used.

They began talking more about WordPress as a CMS.

And you could say this was when the WordPress Community began.

Users gave feedback, filed bug reports and started expressing what they liked to see.

All this allowed WordPress to develop a platform that its users wanted.

And today, WordPress has conquered the world.

More than 27% of all websites on the Internet today’s powered by WordPress.

It’s the fastest-growing Web publishing software.

WordPress 5.2 was released in April of 2009.

Now we can marvel at how far the software has come.

So here we’re going to focus on themes, rather than plugins.

We use themes when we want to change or update the layout and style of our page.

Meanwhile, we use plugins when we want to add features.

It’s more about how the site functions, rather than how it looks.

Some say WordPress sites are all the same, but we beg to differ.

With so many free and premium themes, there must be an almost infinite number of design combinations to make your site stand out from others.

The trick is customizing the theme to add a splash of your own creativity.

But before we delve into particular premium Themes to watch out for this year, let’s take a closer look at some fascinating WordPress theme statistics.

Premium WordPress Themes by Numbers

The WordPress theme directory has over 3000 free themes.

Sceptermarketing produced an in-depth report of themes.

They calculated 211 companies producing a total of 31,010 paid themes.

And here’s a breakdown of companies that created over 1000 themes:

  • Mojo Marketplace — 1198
  • InkThemes — 1800
  • Flexithemes — 2235
  • TemplateMonster — 2655
  • CreativeMarket — 3752
  • ThemeForest — 11,573

It’s almost impossible to find accurate statistics on how many of them are free and how many of them are paid.

According to Kinsta, the average cost of a paid theme is $59:

  • 17.1% cost between $31 and $40;
  • 18.9% cost between $41 and $55;
  • 23.2% cost $59; and
  • 15.2% cost between $60 and $70.

ThemeForest advertises their cheapest theme for $2.

The most expensive themes are over $200, with the theme at the top spot coming in at nearly $300.

Another interesting study comes from

The 2 most used WordPress themes are Divi and Genesis.

Each accounts for 10% of all WordPress sites.

And when it comes to ThemeForest, Avada is their most purchased WordPress theme.

Over 450,000 people use it, although according to the ThemeForest site — It’s over 525,000.

Ever wondered if themes make money?

Well they do!

Again, looking at ThemeForest, 50% of their themes have made over $1000 in a month.

And 25% of their themes made a minimum of $2,500 in a month.

Finally, added to these numbers.

15% of ThemeForest themes made $5,000 and 7% have made $7500 in just a month.

Although this comes from a few years ago, it’s fascinating to learn that in 2014, 123,498,018 themes had been downloaded from WordPress.

Pros & Cons of Premium WordPress Themes

At this point, we think it’s important to realize that each Webmaster is likely to have a different opinion of using paid themes.

Some are extremely happy using free themes and can’t find any disadvantage to using them.

Others will swear by the premium options.

And with so many free options, it is difficult to understand why some Webmasters choose to spend money.

However, there are indeed many advantages to choosing a premium theme.

So let’s go over some of them:

  • Additional Features — Even free themes have a lot of features. But with premium ones, you’ll also have access to content sliders, help with social media and all-important SEO features that aren’t often available in free themes;
  • Regular Updates — Premium themes will normally automatically update themselves. This is especially beneficial for improved site security;
  • Superior Design — When you use a paid template, you’ll be able to choose between more layouts and color schemes. It’s quite simple to create an individual site that can be modified quickly and easily; and
  • Premium Development Support — You’ll receive more help along the way and also have access to updates.

But there are some disadvantages to using premium WordPress themes.

Not everyone is keen on the idea of spending on something when they have no guarantee that it’ll be really suitable.

Reading reviews will help you understand all the good and bad aspects of a theme.

Though even then, you have to trust the opinion of others.

And here are a couple of downsides to using premium WordPress themes:

  • Access to Code — You won’t have access to the code of a premium WordPress theme until you pay for it. It’s easy to see design features and also some simple functions through live demos, but this can be quite limiting for some Web developers who want to see the code before they buy a theme; and
  • Overwhelming Number of Features — If there is an inch of indecision in you, then you might spend days or even weeks going through all available features, just to get more confused than when you started.

So we chose 15 of the best-selling premium WordPress themes to discuss in more detail.

Please note that these aren’t in any particular order.

Top 15 Premium WordPress Themes of the Year

1. Divi

Divi Theme by Elegant Themes

Divi isn’t new, but it’s continuously revamped and upgraded.

Its latest version has even more features and themes.

In total, you can choose from 87 of its themes.

Plus, you can customize each of your pages with a simple drag and drop builder.

This makes customizing the design of your site, including the homepage, really easy.

If you don’t want to use one of the available templates, then you can create your own from scratch with Divi.

Another feature that makes Divi so popular is the Divi Builder modules.

You can drop a module into your layout to carry out basic formatting techniques like text / image layouts, buttons and galleries.

You’ll also be able to perform special options like:

  • Inserting slideshows;
  • Adding pricing tables;
  • Including customer testimonials and email opt-in forms; and
  • Adding animations.

These are just some of Divi’s additional features.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that Divi comes with complete E-commerce support, which is ideal for online shops.

All of this means you don’t need to look for extra plugins.

And you can use Divi’s newest feature, their split-testing tool.

By split testing your site, you can run various tests to improve different elements.

As of this writing, 332,967 Webmasters use Divi.

It’s a great theme that’s suited for all types of sites, blogs, businesses, agencies and shops.

IT also comes at a great price — $85 to $90, depending on optional add-ons and the like.

2. Genesis

Genesis Framework by StudioPress

This is another top-ranking theme — More than 10% of all WordPress sites today use Genesis.

It scores extremely high in reliability and speed, thanks to its lightweight code.

It’s used by many professionals because of its built-in SEO features, and It’s also mobile responsive.

Now Genesis might have fewer design features than others, but it has the right ones to help you build a unique site.

There are multiple page layouts and a full-width template.

You can customize your widgets, header and background.

There are several Genesis plugins when you need to add extra features, such as StudioPress-built Genesis plugins and Genesis Connect for WooCommerce.

It doesn’t take long to get your site up and running through its One-Click theme setup.

Also, Gutenberg locks can be added to new sites or a site that you want to update in just minutes.

Plus, the Genesis community has lots of members, and they provide many tutorials and videos, which are on top of the assistance you’ll get from the Genesis support team.

You can change anything on your page so you can have complete control.

Sidebars can be added to different pages in any place.

Genesis doesn’t come with drag and drop features, but there are widgets that’ll allow you to do this.

Also, you’ll need Genesis Palette Pro to easily change color schemes and font sizes.

The Genesis Framework Package is available for $55 to $60.

And there’s a Pro Plus Membership for around $500.

This includes all updates and even all future themes.

Now it might not look as glitzy as other themes, but it does have superior functions.

3. Avada

Avada – Best Selling Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

As mentioned earlier, Avada is the number one selling theme on ThemeForest.

And its popularity is likely to grow with its latest version, 6.0.

You don’t need any coding knowledge, so it’s ideal for beginners and more advanced users.

There are 49 prebuilt websites ready to launch in an instant.

And there are another 60+ design elements that allow you to customize pages and posts.

Fusion Page Options have more than 50 panels, which are organized in a tidy way so you can easily control the look and feel of your site.

You can even import whole demos, or just the content you like.

You can use Avada with WooCommerce.

It has its own theme panel, efficient checkout, and you can use drag and drop to arrange your products in the layout that you want.

Plugins with Avada include:

  • Fusion Builder;
  • Slider Revolution;
  • Fusion White Label Branding;
  • Layer Slider;
  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro; and
  • Convert Plus.

It’s also integrated with Events Calendar, Contact 7 and bbPress.

And Avada can be translated into 48 different languages.

This theme complies with GDPR privacy.

Plus, there are no third-party tools, so Avada can guarantee quality control and high performance.

Meanwhile, Avada tested at a page loading speed score of 99%.

And there are video lessons to help you make the most of all the features of this theme, along with an excellent customer support team that’ll gladly assist you when you contact them.

Overall, it’s fast, professional, easy to use and with a vast range of design options.

It costs $55 to $60 with free updates for life.

4. Uncode

Uncode - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode is a theme that focuses on excellent image quality and high performance.

It has a 98% page loading speed score.

Simply put, Uncode is fast and powerful.

This is a multi-purpose WordPress theme.

So it’s brilliant for all types of sites.

Simply choose one of the 410 wireframe layouts, and begin customizing your site.

If you prefer, start with a blank page and create your own.

Uncode 2.0 comes with animated headlines, so you can add a bit of movement.

Its base code has been improved as of this writing.

And there are new options for post and gallery modules in its latest version.

High pixel definition makes sure images stand out.

If you get stuck along the way, then there are high quality demos to get you back on track.

Also, Uncode has more than 70 module variations.

You can select between a grid, metro, slide, masonry, carousel or fluid.

And whichever you choose, you can use drag and drop features to create your site without any stress.

If you want to add any embedded social media to your site, then there are lots of options, from Spotify to manual HTML.

If you decide to run third-party plugins, then all of the best are compatible with Uncode.

Another important feature is adaptable image size.

Photos you post will automatically change to fit the viewer’s screen.

This theme is in the $55 to $60 price range.

And today, over 50,000 Webmasters use Uncode.

5. TheGem

Meta Splash – TheGem

TheGem has been dubbed the “Swiss Army knife” of WordPress themes, encouraging you to explore your creativity.

It has over 400 creative templates and more than 80 ready-to-use ones.

These pre-designed templates are grouped into industries, from cryptocurrency to handyman services.

There are templates for churches, charities, and E-commerce.

It’s so easy to create your site.

TheGem has the latest fully integrated and updatable WPBakery Page Builder.

You can add your content through drag and drop features.

It also comes with Slider Revolution and Layer Slider 5.

Plus, it’s compatible with many plugins like Contact Form 7, Yoast, WooCommerce and Events Calendar.

TheGem is a multilingual theme, which makes it stand out from other themes.

You can translate your site into French, Spanish, German or Russian.

Their customer support also comes in a range of languages.

This is a lightweight theme, which means you won’t need to worry about a slow site.

Plus, with many freely bundled premium plugins, there’s no need to add others that might add weight to your site.

TheGem is mobile-friendly and 100% retina ready.

Images and color schemes will look sharp and crisp, whether viewers are on mobile or desktop.

It was designed with on-page optimization in mind, so it’s SEO-friendly for top Google rankings.

TheGem is packed with features and also comes at an affordable price — From $30 to $35, depending on optional bundles.

Globally, more than 30,000 Webmasters use TheGem as of this writing.

6. The7

Landing - The 7 WordPress Theme

The7 is quite possibly the most customizable theme in the market today.

It comes with a massive 1000+ theme options, 250+ page options and 40+ prebuilt websites designed for multiple businesses like medical sites, agencies, book shops and more.

All of this is made easy with the Design Wizard.

There are 7 main reasons to use this:

  • $174 worth of premium plugins including WPBakery, Ultimate add-ons, convert Plus, Layer Slider, Slider Revolution and Go pricing;
  • It’s translation ready with support for more than 10 languages;
  • The7 Elements help you to create portfolios and photo galleries;
  • It’s SEO-Ready and mobile-friendly, and has been certified by Google;
  • There are unlimited headers for desktops and mobile layouts;
  • It’s 100% compatible with WooCommerce; and
  • Their support team is highly skilled and professional.

If you take a look at its plugins, prebuilt sites and sliders, then you’ll see the One-Click automated installation.

This gives you the option to choose aspects that you like and install them on your site with just one click.

With The7, there are some advanced settings worth looking at.

Aside from photo albums, you can add video albums and testimonials.

7.And if you want, then you can add a landing page or a microsite to your main page without further setup.

It really is a great tool to get your site going, and we can’t imagine you needing any extra design options.

For a $35 to $40 investment, you have access to lifetime updates.

So far we’ve looked at the best-paid multipurpose themes.

They’re great for any type of site you want to design.

But now we’re going to take a closer look at the best paid themes that have been created with particular niches and industries in mind.

7. Newspaper 9

Newspaper The Best News Magazine WordPress Theme by tagDiv

As you can imagine from the name, this theme is one of the top themes for newspapers and magazines.

We’ll be able to find a design that is built for you, regardless of the content that you want to publish.

Typical examples of industries and niches where Newspaper is suitable include current news, financial reports, fashion, cooking and travel.

Once you choose a design option, you can start to customize it exactly to your liking.

The latest version of Newspaper includes drag and drop features.

This way, your layout can be as individual as your design.

There are over 100 elements in the tagDiv Composer, which were specially made for newspaper and magazine sites and blogs.

We like the tagDiv Cloud Library.

Here you can find a number of widgets that you can add to your site.

You can include things like the weather, currency exchange or popular social media posts.

There’s bound to be a widget to suit the style and tone of your news stories.

Also, Newspaper supports YouTube videos.

With Newspaper, it’s quick and easy to monetize your newspaper or magazine site.

You can use Newspaper’s ad management tool.

There’s a lot of room for you to show adverts.

Imagine being able to create your site in full-width, include multiple headers and even a top bar design.

More than 81,000 Webmasters chose Newspaper to create their sites.

Other benefits of this premium WordPress theme include mobile responsiveness and its compliance to GDPR policies.

All of this, for just $55 to $60.

8. Jevelin

Jevelin WordPress Theme – Just another Jevelin WordPress Theme site

Jevelin is a great theme for bloggers and professionals who wish to create an online portfolio.

It’s a multi-purpose theme, so it can be used for any type of website.

Lots of bloggers love it because it’s quick and easy to use with excellent features to promote their news stories and content.

There are hundreds of design options that can be used to customize one of its 6 blog layouts or 10 portfolio layout combinations.

You can use WPBakery to build your site with drag and drop.

All of your content can be changed via the New Element Editor.

Bloggers will also be able to wow their readers with content Carousels and sliders powered by Slider Revolution.

There are also back to top interfaces, custom widgets and more than 40 animations to add to others.

If you need more, then there are 40+ custom-crafted shortcodes.

And for those in need of a portfolio, you can take advantage of multiple portfolio overlays and single item layouts, plus a widget just for portfolios.

Both bloggers and portfolio creators need to promote their content across all relevant social media platforms.

With Jevelin, you get a social icons widget and social share functionality.

This allows you to share your work, blog and post on all major social media sites and communities with a click.

Meanwhile, some other features of this theme, which costs more than $55, are the following:

  • Video Tutorials;
  • Multiple Language Options;
  • SEO Design;
  • Mobile Responsiveness;
  • One-Click Installation;
  • WooCommerce Integration; and
  • Built-In Contact 7.

9. Sprout & Spoon

Sprout Spoon - A Theme for Food Bloggers

Sprout and Spoon is a beautiful theme for anyone who wants a website related to food, cooking, baking and other stuff that happens at the kitchen.

Today, a lot of us are constantly looking for new and healthy recipes.

Many people now also prefer to follow food blogs than use cookbooks.

But if you aren’t keen about these topics, then this theme can also be used for arts and crafts sites.

When using this premium WordPress theme to create a food blog, you can choose between 7 different layouts.

Each includes a full-width version.

There are also page templates and lots of color options to personalize your site.

Sprout and Spoon is Gutenberg-ready, with the Solo Pine Recipe plugin.

So you can make a powerful custom made Recipe Card and Flexible Recipe Index.

Each recipe can be displayed with a beautiful image, ready to draft and print.

There are 6 widgets included in this theme, such as the Facebook widget and social icons.

You can share your recipes across all major social media sites.

Also, social media icons can be placed on the header and in the footer.

You can place a full-width Instagram feed in the footer of your website.

All of your recipes can be translated into various languages.

This means you aren’t limited to English viewers when you use this theme and localize your content to suit your target audience.

Contact Form 7 is included, in case your readers want more information from you.

There’s also a widget area below the post content area and also below the slider.

This is ideal for newsletters and ads.

Sprout & Spoon is among the most inexpensive premium themes in this roundup.

It costs under $50.

10. Eduma

#1 Education WordPress Theme for 2019

More than 19,000 people use Eduma, making it among the best-selling education themes today.

Its popularity was boosted by the rapid growth of E-learning.

This premium WordPress theme is a wonderful tool for anybody in the education industry, such as Webmasters who cater to schools, private academies, private tutors and universities.

This theme is compatible with WordPress 5.0, Elementor, Visual Composer, and Site origin.

It comes with different demos that are aimed at various sectors of education.

Some examples include Kindergarten, Languages, Course Hubs and more.

Also, Eduma comes with its own pack of premium add-ons, including :

  • Random Quiz;
  • Co-instructor;
  • Content Drip;
  • Commission; and
  • Certificate.

You can also create forums to discuss courses or conversations between tutors and students through bbPress.

If you’re looking for something bigger, then there’s BuddyPress.

Buddy Press will help you create a whole learning community.

You can drag and drop your content and curriculum materials to design your site with ease.

It’s also compatible with WooCommerce.

This is an ideal option if you want to sell your courses, subscriptions or membership.

Learners can pay via PayPal, Stripe, Authorize,net, 2Checkout and other Offline Payment options.

You can quickly customize your site, taking aspects from the demos with One-click installation.

But the unique feature of Eduma is its overall design, which is aimed at educational sites.

This 5-star rated Educational theme costs just over $40.

11. BigSlam

Big Slam – Sport Club WordPress Theme

BigSlam is one of the most popular premium WordPress themes today for sports sites.

It has over 110,000 customers as of this writing.

Also, it comes with 14 blog layouts, 9 portfolio layouts and 6 gallery layouts.

Changes you make to your template are instantly applied with the live customizer.

There’s a great range of font choices with over 770 styles from Google Fonts library.

Or if you prefer, then you can upload your fonts via the theme option.

Using the Genius Wrapper System, you can insert images, self-hosted videos or videos from YouTube.

There’s an option to add a sidebar to each page.

You can also add multiple sidebars to any of your pages.

Revolution Slider is included, so you can create your site with simple drag and drop features.

Its latest version has a demo importer, so you can quickly select parts of the prebuilt sites to add to yours.

Your site will look as intended on modern desktop Web browsers.

This theme has also been tested for mobile responsiveness.

It’s also search engine optimized.

Plus, if you need to do some work on your site, then you can switch it to maintenance or coming soon mode.

For its sports template, you can add events lists, player lists, results and player rankings and automated standings.

This is a suitable theme if you want to show club, player and staff profiles.

Also, it’s compliant to GDPR policies.

Plus, you have access to a great support team that replies within a maximum of 14 hours.

The price of this premium WordPress theme is from $40 to $45.

You can customize this theme to suit many types of sports websites and blogs.

12. Financity

Landing – Financity

Financity comes with an elegant, sleek design that‘s aimed at consulting, business, finance and cryptocurrency websites.

Among the 120,000 users of Financity, there are investment and financial advisors, financial services and even law firms.

It features the GoodLayers Page Builder.

From an advanced admin panel, you can control and customize the following:

  • Top bar or top bar social;
  • Header;
  • Logo;
  • Navigation;
  • Page title style and background;
  • Blog style; and
  • Widgets.

Drag and drop features come free with Revolution Slider.

Adding images and videos is straightforward.

Colors and fonts can all be changed to complement your brand image.

You can also find plenty of inspiration from nearly 30 prebuilt designs.

The demo importer lets you take the best parts of other sites, and incorporate them into your site with just one click.

In the world of finance, data protection is even more crucial, so Financity is GDPR-compliant.

WooCommerce support is also integrated into this premium WordPress theme, and so is WPML.

Meanwhile, your site can be translated into a number of languages.

And while making your website, you can add smart animations to different elements on the site through CSS animation.

For those with a little more technical experience, you can create child themes, modify PHP code and add custom CSS and Javascript code.

This theme is available for less than $45.

It’s mobile-friendly, SEO-ready and offers fantastic customer support services. Also, through the Envato Market plugin, you’ll receive automatic updates.

13. Ekko

Ekko – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme with Block Builder

While Ekko is a multi-purpose theme, it’s really popular for wellness sites, spas and beauty salons.

It’s the perfect tool to create single page sites for a minimalistic approach and also multi-page sites.

If you aren’t sure about how you want to layout your site, then you can browse through:

  • 40+ Content elements;
  • 60+ predesigned pages;
  • 250+ template blocks;
  • 50+ complete websites; and
  • 10 blog listing layouts.

Once you decide on the style you want, you can go ahead and customize colors, fonts and insert images and videos.

With its One-Click demo installation, you can choose to import content and set other import options.

Plus, drag and drop features provide easy-to-use page building functions.

There are 6 premium plugins that come with Ekko.

Altogether, these normally cost more than the actual Ekko theme.

So when you buy this premium theme, then you’ll also get KeyDesign add-on, WPBakery, Revolution Sliger, Redux Framework, Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is particularly useful if you want to sell your beauty products through your site.

Also, Ekko is mobile-friendly and WPML compatible, so you can translate your site into many different languages.

Plus, child themes are included.

This means you can change the functions and design elements of the theme without editing the original version.

Some of this theme’s best features include support for CSS3 animations and parallax scrolling.

Foreground content can move at faster speeds than your background, giving the illusion of an extra dimension.

And for just under $60, you can create a stunning site through full customer support and video tutorials from this theme’s developers.

14. Petie

Petie Landing Page - WordPres Themes

Petie is an ideal premium WordPress theme for animal lovers, veterinarians, pet stores and the like.

Whether you run a veterinary clinic, puppy training classes or you want to create a blog about pets, then you’ll be able to create your site with Petie.

While there are only three demo sites bundled with this theme, you can customize the layout of each one with ease.

Also, Contact Form 7 is included with your purchase of this premium WordPress theme.

And this theme is supported by Elementor Page Builder plugin, which enable drag and drop features.

You can also change all colors and fonts to your liking.

Several color themes are provided, in case you need some ideas.

There are also options for many blog styles.

Meanwhile, there are different sidebar variations to choose from, and you can add parallax effects to rows and content.

But however you design your site, you can rest assured knowing that it’s mobile-friendly.

You can create a site with a homepage, about us, gallery, services, 404 and contact information.

The gallery section can show off your services or pet products in Carousels and Sliders, thanks to Revolution Slider.

Another feature we especially like for a pet site is an online booking system.

This can help increase business for clinics and grooming services.

You can also add a detailed pricing plan for customers to clearly see the services you provide and their prices.

To help build trust with your customers, you can add a page to showcase your staff.

Add their photos, qualifications and experience.

Your contact page can include a map as well as all other details to improve user experience.

Petie doesn’t have hundreds of predesigned demos.

But at just under $60, you’ll certainly have plenty of features to create an attractive blog that can help you earn money from pet services.

15. Hudson

Intro – Hudson

E-Commerce is a huge industry that’s predicted to rapidly grow over the next few decades.

There are tons of paid WordPress themes out there today, but we chose Hudson (as did more than 6000 E-Commerce business).

The primary reason is its minimalist yet multi-purpose design.

Some of the most popular use cases for Hudson are for setting up blogs, eShops, E-Commerce websites and online catalogs.

Its Tesla Framework allows you to build a clean design with large spacing and bright colors.

You can do all this from the WordPress dashboard.

This premium WordPress theme is integrated with compatibility support for WooCommerce.

With this, you can manage products, orders and inventory.

There are shipping settings as well as payment options like transfer, credit card and Paypal.

Another must for an E-Commerce site is social media visibility.

With Hudson, there are integrated social sharing features.

Simply put, this means you can easily share your products on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

The Hudson development team work hard in optimizing the visual and transition effects of this theme, which uses the jQuery library, along with HTML5 and CSS3.

This means you’ll be able to display new items and products that are on sale with attractive sliders.

From your product list, shoppers can filter products and add things to their cart without reloading the page.

They can also contact you via a Web form and also subscribe to your newsletter.

You can get Hudson for $55 to $60, and the reason for this price range is that there are optional add-ons that you can bundle with your purchase for an added cost.

So if you want the premium pack, then this can cost you close to $100.

This includes extra documentation, support and free updates.

So now you have a large list of the best-selling premium WordPress themes today.

And what you can first do at this point is create a list of your ideas for creating a plan to develop your site.

This way, you’ll be able to more accurately pinpoint the most suitable premium theme for your exact needs, preferences, target audience, niche and industry.

You’ll also be able to clearly identify the features that you really need for your WordPress website.

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