January 23, 2019

How To Export Bookmarks From Chrome (Android) To Excel, Gmail, Firefox

How To Export Bookmarks From Chrome (Android) To Excel, Gmail, Firefox – Let’s see how to Export your Bookmarks or Favourite (also known as) from Google Chrome.

This trick is probably effectively implemented on all Google Chrome Version, if it doesn’t work at your end, do let us know please in the comment box below.

So, within chrome, you will need to click on the top right squiggly or the triple dot (three). Then, in the drop-down menu, you will see their tools. Then click on Bookmarks and then you will need to click on the Bookmark manager.

This will take you to the bookmark manager, you will see an organized option. You will also see your categories and the other bookmarks. Then, you will need to click on organize, then you will need to click on export bookmarks to HTML file.

So, in this window, you will see the save as dialogue. It’s going to try to save as file called Bookmarks and date dot html. How To Export Bookmarks From Chrome

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How To Export Bookmarks From Chrome (Android) To Excel, Gmail, Firefox

You can save it anywhere to documents or any other folder or to Dropbox to anywhere on your C Drive. Or, anything you want. So, click on that and click save and that should do it.

So, now you have a file called bookmarks and the date . html which you could use to either re-import back to another chrome profile using this option that says that important bookmarks from an HTML file. Or you can import it to Firefox or Internet Explorer. 

Google Chrome for Android provides a commendable browsing experience out of the box. But, if you know where to look, you can unlock extra features that will make it even more effective.

Android app of Google Chrome has few hidden tricks up its sleeves that can enhance your user experience. So, here is the list of eight tricks of Google Chrome that will surely enhance your productivity.  1 – Turn on the modern UI: Google is constantly testing interface changes in Google Chrome.

One of the most interesting features right now is modern design UI, which makes the apps white with rounded buttons. 


If you like the way it looks, you can enable it from Google Flag Page. Just paste this into Chrome Select enable in the drop-down menu and restart the app twice, if you ever wanted to go back just change the drop-down menu to disable and restart chrome twice again.

The new user interface design is being referred to as modern design right now inside chrome. And, it features rounded corner for certain elements such as the URL bar and icons.

The status bar blends in perfectly with the current web page colour and there is slightly revamped app switcher. 

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Tap a word to search for it.

This is a pretty simple feature, but it is not widely advertised. When you tap on a word or phrase in chrome, it will display an info panel about whatever you selected.

Swiping up on the panel will choose a search result for the selection. Add a Home Button: On some devices, a home button is visible in chrome.

This is because some manufacturers include a chrome customisation apk in the system folder. 

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Which sets default values for bookmarks and a home button. But there is a very simple way to get the home button on your chrome browser too.

Just paste this into chrome, select enable in the drop down menu and restart the app.

Now you have a have home button. Quickly switch between tabs: Now there are times when you have opened multiple tabs on your chrome browser.

And, switching between tabs usually required tapping the tap button and selecting the one you want.

And, this could be really irritating sometimes. What if I tell you that there are two simple ways to quickly switch between tabs. 

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First, you can simply swipe across the address bar to switch between tabs. Or, you can swipe down on the address bar to see the full list and tap the one you want.

These quick gestures are much more convenient than the old-school way.

Use two chrome tabs in split screen: One of the best features to arrive with Android nougat is the split screen mode. But, what you may have overlooked is that – you can also split two chrome tabs up as well.

So, just like one PC, you can look at two different websites at the same time for cross-referencing articles or some general multi tasking. 

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To do that, first, open the chrome in multi window mode by long pressing on the recent button.

Once done that is just click on these three dots in the right hand corner and you will find an option which says move to another window. Just click on that and boom.

Now, you have access to two chrome tabs in split screen mode. Mute the website or block sound entirely: Chrome on Android is supposed to block the website from auto playing audio, but some sites find methods around this especially for auto playing ads.

On the flip side, you may want to block all the site from playing sound except for selected few.  

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Chrome allows you to universally block or lost sound for all sites and manage exceptions. For example, you can mute one or two misbehaving sites or keep of the few sites from playing anything.

To do this, open chrome settings and go to site setting then sound. There is a universal toggle at the top and here you can add additional tools by tapping the plus button.

Zoom on any website: In many cases, sites optimized for mobile viewing don’t allow the user to zoom in and out manually. 

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This can be annoying adverse and harmful for visually impaired users at worst. Thankfully Google includes and overrides in the browser settings.

Just open the chrome settings, tap accessibility and check the box next to force enable zoom.

Now, you can zoom on any page. Shift your load time into overdrive: Everyone wants web pages to load faster especially from mobile devices.

Well prepare to celebrate because chrome has just the option to make it happen, it’s called the data saver just the option to make it happen. It’s called data saver.

And it remotely compresses an optimized content as you load it.

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The result is pages loading faster and data usage being lower on your end of the deal. To try it out for yourself, go into Chrome settings and look for an option called data saver.

Tap it and then activate the toggle at the top of the screen to turn it one.

After you see this being running for a while, you can head back to the same place to see how much data is saved for you.

And with that give yourself a very deserved pat on the back as you have unlocked some of the chrome’s most important hidden settings. With this, your mobile browsing experience will meaningfully produce better results. 

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