April 12, 2019

How To Make A Bootable Pendrive Using Ubuntu/ CMD/ RUFUS/ Kali Linux

How To Make A Bootable Pendrive Using Ubuntu/ CMD/ RUFUS/ Kali Linux – In today’s guide on ALLTECHBUZZ media, we will be teaching you, how to make a Pendrive bootable. There is no such size requirement for this.

Size must be in a manner that it should easily contain the required file with some space left. Apart from that, many of you might not know the actual meaning of bootable.

Here in the remaining part of this guide, Bootable means “Whatever programme is there in the Pendrive, it will automatically run as soon as the Pen Drive is inserted into the USB Space.”How To Make A Bootable Pendrive

The good part is – there is no rocket science behind making a Pendrive bootable. There are few simple steps given below which can be followed to make a Pendrive Bootable.

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STEP 1: Connect the USB device to your computer. There must be at least 4GB free space available on your USB device. In this guide, we will use an 8GB Pendrive for example.

STEP 2: Press windows key on your keyboard and type cmd. Now run cmd “as an administrator” by right clicking on cmd icon.

STEP 3: Type following commands in cmd. 1) diskpart, 2) list disk – it will list all the disks related to your computer (including pen drive that you connected).

STEP 4: After “list disk” command you saw it is showing two disks. 1st Disk 0 – 465 GB and 2nd – Disk 1 – 7728 MB. The size of the second disk (Disk 1) is near about “7728 MB” which is around of “8 GB”. Now that is the pen drive. So, we have to perform all the operation to Disk 1.

How To Make A Bootable Pendrive Using Ubuntu/ CMD/ RUFUS/ Kali Linux

STEP 5: Type following command after list disk command. 1) Select Disk 1; 2) Clean; 3) Create Partition Primary; 4) Select Partition 1; 5) Active; 6) Format fs=ntfs quick.

STEP 6: format fs=ntfs quick command will take 3-5 minutes to complete. Type “assign” command. As soon as you type assign command, you will notice that your USB drive name is changed. In my case drive name changes from “i” to “j”. After “assign” command type “exit” to exit from Diskpart.

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STEP 7: Obtain the windows file from somewhere and save them to a folder in your PC. You can rip a windows DVD, or if you have the ISO image file, you can open it with the magic disc, daemon tool or even in winrar. You need to copy the whole content to a folder anywhere in your PC. You just need to make sure that you know where it is located. I copied down all the content in G drive.

STEP 8: Make sure that, there must be boot folder in your Windows 7 folder and there must be bootsect executable files present in boot folder. In “bootsect.exe/nt60 J:” command “J.” is the drive name of my USB device. Now you just need to copy the whole content of windows folder to your USB drive.

FINAL STEP: Your pen drive is bootable now. You can use it now to install windows on your computer. In case of any problem, please comment below. Experts from ALLTECHBUZZ will answer your query soon.

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Apart from this, you must have a good knowledge of How To Repair USB Pen Drive “You Need to Format Before Use.”

This is just a popup when you are going to open your USB drive, it will show you – You Need to format the disk in Drive F: before you can use it. But, here’s how to escape the formatting if you have some important files right in there.

There is one solution to this. Visit findandmount.com and there download the little software available on the website. Just click on the download link.

After this, it will load the partition and the modem, just click this and it is very 10 above 2 to 3 MB only. After downloading, install this in your PC and it’s very fast and it’s very easy to use.

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Just click next-next-next in the installation procedure with the recommended option. Create a desktop shortcut and finish. Now it’s going to launch.

As you can see here, there will be 2 device memory on your hard drive. One will be your General Flash Disk USB Device and another one will be normal hard drive space.

Now you will want to take the data from the USB drive and copy it to the hard drive. You can go for a select scan method.

Now, in this, there will be a total three option. First being Intellectual Scan which is recommended method – Intellectual scan works best in most situations.

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It is recommended to start with this option. The second one is the Normal Scan. While scanning with a normal scan, partition finds and mount checks all areas of the disk where standard partitioning tools are allowed to place the beginning of a partition.

Third and last is Thorough scan – Thorough scan will look into every sector of the drive while searching for valid partitions.

This is the most complete method and it can take upto several hours to complete. As you will be able to see, here it will form the two partition map and drive 1 and drive 2. You will have to try both i.e. drive one and two.

Now, as soon as the scan is completed, a new window will pop up and it will show, “If the partition you want to find still not found, please try scanning with another method.” You just need to Close that message popup.

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We all use Pen Drives to store our data. It’s a USB stick now. One of the problems with the USB stick is if you leave it lying around, or if you lose it, anybody can get access to your data on it.

So, What I am going to tell you in this ALLTECHBUZZ guide is just a quick tip that you can do with Windows 10 called BitLocker to go. What Bitlocker actually does is it basically puts encryption on this USB stick.

So, that you can only open the contents of it if you provide a password. So, let me show you how that works. First You will have to plug it into your computer. Next thing, you are going to do here is to right click on the USB stick.

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You will have to click on turn on BitLocker and it gets ready to do that. So, what I am going to do now is I am going to provide a password for this particular USB stick which I have to put in every time I want to connect the USB stick to a new windows computer.

So, I will enter the password, I click Next. Now, I can save a backup of that password to my Microsoft account or to a file. You can do it to your Hotmail account, means if you forget it, you can get a recovery key.

Next thing – you turn on encryption and it goes off and encrypts the drive. And, that basically puts everything into a secret code. That’s on the drive, So I click Next and it goes off and encrypts the drive. So, it does that and you’re finished.

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Next thing you do is you just going to take the drive out and then just put it again back to your computer.

It can be the same PC or another one or a laptop as well. You can see here that the drive is saying “Oh!!! I want a password to access the drive.”

So, next what you do is just put your password into the drive and it goes in and then you can see the files and folders in the Pen Drive.


So, that’s a great way of protecting the contents of your USB stick so that, not if you lose it or if anybody picks it up, no one can get access to it anyway.

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If you have a USB flash drive, it’s probably because at some point you needed a way to carry your files and documents around with you or if you are like us you have a drawer full of drives, you got from marketers at conventions and events.

And, at the most basic level, flash drives are good for storing anything from documents to photos and music. But, there are actually a bunch of other cool ways you can use these little guys and today I will show you a few of my favourites.

The secret agent in all of us will love the first trick. Which lets you use your USB drive to lock and unlock your computer.

With the free programme called predator, you can turn your drive into a key that keeps your computer unlocked when it’s plugged in.

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But, when you remove it, your computer locks down and will deny access to anyone who does not have the USB drive or your unique password.

More portable than your tablet or smartphone, your USB Drive can run apps to you. You can carry around programmes like Firefox, Chrome and OpenOffice, and use your drive to run them on any computer.

Just download the portable apps platform from portableapps.com to get started. Once you get the software on your drive, you will be able to choose which apps you want to install on it.

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Hopefully, with this in depth guide on ALLTECHBUZZ media, all your questions related to Creating Bootable USB Windows 10, Bootable USB Software, Software to make Pendrive Bootable, How to Make Bootable Pendrive for Windows 7 from ISO file, RUFUS Bootable USB, Bootable USB Windows 7 Software, Make Bootable USB Diskpart, Linux Bootable USB Creator. But, still, if you are facing any questions regarding How To Make A Bootable Pendrive Using Ubuntu/ CMD/ RUFUS/ Kali Linux, just let us know using the comment box below.

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