January 28, 2019

How To Share WiFi Password From iPhone To Android Phone (Step-by-Step)

How To Share WiFi Password From iPhone To Android Phone (Step-by-Step) – Being straightforward, you’re just five steps away from sharing your Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) Password from iPhone to Android Phone. Here’s what you can do?

STEP 1: Go to Settings>Wifi Settings>Connect To Network You Want To Share Password Of>Record/Remember Network Name/SSID Of Connected Network.

STEP 2: Go to App Store>Download & Install “Visual Code”>Open Visual Code app>Touch “App Code” to Create QR Code.

STEP 3: Selection Last Option in Category “or create code with action”. Last option is Connect to Wi-Fi.

STEP 4: Fulfil the proceedings, enter correct Security Type, Password, Wi-Fi Network Name. Press “Create Code” button. Following an Auto-Save in QR Code Library, after pressing Create Code button, go to Library and just click on the code to have it scanned from Visual Code in Android.

STEP 5: Go to Google Play Store>Download & Install Visual Code App>Scan QR Code in iPhone>Use the internet freely.

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How To Share WiFi Password From iPhone To Android Phone (Step-by-Step)How To Share WiFi Password From iPhone To Android

If you are a lucky iPhone owner, you will most definitely say it’s not your favourite phone, but it’s your best friend.

It helps you wake up in the morning and play your favourite song. It also takes the best pictures, gives you access to all the social networks and navigates you to wherever you want to go.

You think you know your iPhone very well, and it can hardly surprise you through new features?

Then, we have a piece of news for you that it is total can. Here’s a list of the most incredible iPhone tricks, apply doesn’t talk about. Did you know? 

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How to improve wi-fi speed on your iPhone in just one click? We today ALLTECHBUZZ team will reveal it in this guide. 

1: Setting the Sleep Timer – If you ever fell asleep with your favourite playlist or podcast on you know how weird it can get.

Say goodbye to interrupted sleeping and bad dreams with the Amazing sleep timer feature.

Simply open the Clock App and set the timer for how long you want the music to play. Then tap the button labelled when the timer ends.

And, instead of selecting ringtones that can be played, scroll to the bottom to choose the stop playing option. 

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Now you can just go to bed, your phone will do the rest of the work for you. 2: Creating a custom vibration by default, your iPhone uses standard vibration pulses for a text message. However, you can easily create your own vibration as well.

Launch the settings app on your iPhone, then tap on sounds and select an Alert Type in the sounds and Vibrations List. Tap vibration>create new vibration>start recording and tap the centre of the screen in the sequence you want the vibration to be. Once you are done, stop recording and save your pattern.

It will be stored in the vibrations section ringtone menu. Among the list of custom patterns. Also, you can set a custom vibration for all the contacts in your Phonebook. How cool is that? 3: Clearing your iPhones RAM. If your iPhone is getting too slow, there is a simple trick to bring it back to its normal speed in no time. Just clear it’s random access memory.

To do this, you should follow these simple steps, press and hold the sleep/wake button until you see the slide to power off the message. After that, release the sleep/wake button and press and hold the home button. 

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In a couple of seconds, your iPhone screen will flicker a but and will return to home screen. Your iPhone or iPad ram will be cleared out leaving your device doing it super-quickly. 4: iMessage Timestamps – If you want to see the exact time when some message was sent, follow these simple steps.

Open the messages app, tap on the message thread that you would like to view at particular timestamp or slide your finger from right to left. Now you can see the Timestamps for each message. 5: Enabling text message character count. Good news for all Maths Lover out there.

You can turn on Character Counting on your iPhone so you know how many characters each text message is before you send it. Tap the settings icon and scroll to the messages option. In the messages section, tap the button to the right of character count to turn it on. As soon as you start typing, your text message and character count will display. 6: Recording a video when the screen is locked.  

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Ever wanted to feel like a real spy? It turns out your iPhone can give you a sense of it with a secret recording mode. If you don’t want other people to notice your recording to take their picture.

Perform the following steps. Make sure your iPhone is locked. Press the shutter button, slide the bottom right camera icon halfway up and don’t let go. Keeping your finger on the camera slider mode, still halfway up, slide the camera mode to video. Double Press the Home Button, three times. Keep your fingers still halfway on the slider until the iPhone turns off its screen. Remember: your iPhone is already recording a video. If you want to end the recording simply unlock the iPhone as usual.

7: Rewinding audio and video tracks – You can make the audio-video scrubbing speed faster or slower by simply moving the slider. The yellow area is used for quick scrubbing, if you move your finger to the red area, you will get to half speed scrubbing. And, the green area is even slower now that’s a usual feature.

8: Dialing an extension, if you want to dial an extension, dial the main number you’re calling first and then hold down * button until a comma appears. Finally, enter the extension number after the comma and press the call button. Using this feature means no more problems with making calls to all those large companies and public offices. 

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9: Blocking ads in Phone/ IPad Games – do you get annoyed by those ads when you play games or use apps on your iPhone or iPad. If so, here’s an easy way to block disable the mobile ads on your device for free. Simply put your phone into aeroplane mode to temporarily turn off the phone’s radio and you will be able to play most games without the annoying apps.

10: Changing the direction of Panorama Mode – If you are taking panorama shots with your iPhones, you know that annoying feeling we want the shooting process to go the other way around. But you can’t do it apparently. It is super easy to change the direction of panorama mode in iOS. Simply tap the arrow on the screen.

11: deleting digits in the calculator app – one of the iPhones most popular basic app is a calculator. There is a smart trick to play with it too. If you made a mistake in the digit that you type, just swipe your finger to the left or right of the numbers, to clear the last digit.

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12: Making an Emergency Call – Filling out the medical ID on your iPhone can save your life. The medical ID section lets you store all your valuable medical information. So that it’s available in one-tap access in Emergencies. At the very least, you should fill out the information regarding your blood type as well as indicate the medicines you are allergic to. That is something you should definitely do your safety. 13: Restoring recently closed safari tabs.

If you accidentally close the tab on which to reopen one you recently accessed. Just press and hold the plus button at the bottom of the screen. No important tabs should be lost. 14: Using google maps offline – Great news for all jet-setters and just everyone who can’t go without a map. You can download the maps for offline use by typing OK MAPS into the map search box.

15: Hidden Field Test App – All iPhones have secret service codes which you can use to get various information about the gadget mobile operator and cellular network. For example, if you enter *3001#12345#*. You will see a hidden menu with information on SIM card – Network Operator, Signal Strength etc. 

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16: Improving Wi-Fi Speed on an iPhone – Using the Wi-Fi assist function, you can set up your phone to automatically switch over to the cellular connection when the Wi-Fi signal is poor. 17: Spirit Level – In addition to the calculator, Flashlight and Compass your iPhone also has a hidden spirit level built into it.

To reach it, open up the compass app and swipe your finger to the left. It is also catching, it can keep you busy for hours. 18: Reducing your iPhone’s Brightness below minimum – Get even the lowest screen brightness, makes your eyes feel comfortable in the dark, use the following settings. Open Settings>General>Accessibility>Zoom. Scroll Down and turn on the show controller setting.

Go back to the previous menu and scroll down to accessibility shortcut. Activate the zoom function, check the box. Triple-click the home button and tap on the circular controller to bring it up. Set the slider to the minimum value and tap on choose filter, select low-light and hide the controller.

19: Disabling Apple Connect Tabs in Apple Music. Apple Music has opened a whole new world to all music lovers. But the extra tabs which appear when you open the App make the interaction with the program a complicated experience. 

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However, you can easily disable unnecessary tabs by performing some simple operations. Head to settings and scroll down to music. Set show apple music slider to off. Go to settings>General>Restrictions and enter your password. Turn off Apple Music.

20: Restarting your iPhone – This final secret feature, for now, will be useful to all iPhone fans. If your phone gets frozen or refuses to work from time to time, give it a little rest. To do this, press and hold down the on/off switch and the home button simultaneously until the screen turns off. It can take upto 10 seconds.

Once you’re done, your iPhone will reboot and you will see the Apple Logo. However, you should remember that resetting your iPhone with this force reboot button method is an extreme measure. Don’t use it too often.

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Hopefully, this guide clears out all the queries you had regarding How To Share WiFi Password From iPhone To Android Phone (Step-by-Step). Also, please make sure to go through the answers on ALLTECHBUZZ Media of the queries such as – Share Password from iPhone to Macbook, to Computer, to Samsung, To Mobile or Mobile to Mobile, or iPhone to iPhone. Also, for any questions you have in mind related to the topic or any other query related to tech, please make sure to let us know in the comment box below.

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