January 31, 2019

How To Get IMEI Number Of Phone (In Android Programmatically)

How To Get IMEI Number Of Phone (In Android Programmatically) – First of all, let’s learn How to change your IMEI number on Android MTK Smartphones. Also, you will see, how to recover it or change it. For instance, if you buy a phone from China and the SIM card doesn’t work, then DMA number could be blacklisted or blocked.

And, this is a huge problem. So, there are so many smartphones in the world and each of them should have a unique number. And, this is not possible, sometimes some phones have the same IMEI number.

Sometimes they spoof the IMEI number to make it look like a real smartphone especially on Galaxy s5 count. So please be really careful with that. That means, the IMEI number could get blacklisted and then your SIM card doesn’t work. How To Get IMEI Number Of Phone

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How To Get IMEI Number Of Phone (In Android Programmatically)

You cannot connect to your provider and this is a huge problem on China Phones. But anyway does a solution and you can change IMEI number of MTK Android tools. And, before I want to tell you how to do this.

Just a little disclaimer, it’s completely illegal to change the IMEI number, at least in some countries. But if you just recover your IMEI number, that means for instance after you flash a custom ROM, your baseband could be broken because you overwrite it and that can corrupt your IMEI number.

And then, you will have invalid Email or something. And, if you just recover your IMEI number, that shouldn’t be legal, but you are not allowed to change it to a different IMEI number like for instance put in the IMEI number of an original S5. 

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And, don’t do this so this could be legal in your country and our ALLTECHBUZZ team will not be responsible for any damage or any lawsuits. But, now today, I will tell you how to recover and how to get back a working smartphone.

Now, before we start, let me show you, how does IMEI number look like. So, first of all, find out your IMEI number, go to the dial application and dial *#06#. This displays the IMEI number. You can see that I have two IMEI numbers because it’s a dual SIM Phone. So, here you will have IMEI 1 and IMEI 2.

And the dual SIM phones both inmates are very similar usually they’re just different the last digit. But, anyway, if the IMEI number shows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 or 00000 and it means your IMEI number is corrupted and you will have to restore it.

And, if you can see here and valid IMEI number, then just call your provider and ask if this IMEI is blacklisted. Now, before you can change the IMEI number, I want to show you what you have to do on your smartphone.

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So you have to go to settings and you have to access the developer options. If you can’t see them, go to about the phone and tap seven times at build number. Which will further give you the developer options on your smartphones?

Now go back to the developer options and enable the USB debugging mode. This is what you need because of our USB debugging mode, our phone is not connected in ADB mode and it won’t be recognized by MTK android tools which are the tool we are going to use to change the IMEI number.

So make sure your speedy buggy mode is enabled and now you will have to find out your correct IMEI numbers. So actually, it’s pretty easy to find the IMEI number which belongs to your Smartphone. Usually, you get a little sticker with the IMEI number with your smartphone.

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And, you usually get this if you haven’t a device with the integrated battery where can take out the battery. So this one here is from by cubot S168 and you can see the IMEI numbers on the sticker.

So, just check if there was not stick in the package. And, if you have devices where it can remove the battery, just remove back cover so I will do it here. It’s the ECO Focus pretty good device with a nice screen.

And, you can see that the battery pack. S just take it out and here you should see a sticker. And, on the sticker, there should be your IMEI number if you have a dual SIM Phone. Both IMEI numbers will be mentioned.

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So, IMEI 1 is a corresponding IMEI number for SIM Slot 1 and IMEI 2 is correspondingly for SIM Card Slot 2. And, you can easily note down your IMEI numbers because later you have to put them in the MTK tools.

And, you can also see that both IMEI numbers are very similar. Just the last two digits here are different. And, this is common on Chinese Smartphones with dual SIM. So let’s go to the computer and let’s try to change our IMEI number.

You just have to have your Smartphone with USB debugging enabled, root access on your smartphone and a USB cable to connect it to the computer. And, the tools and rivals. And you can find the download link for the tools and drivers down below in the description. So, first of all, you need the ADB Drivers.   

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Those ADB Drivers, just make sure that your phone is recognized USB debugging mode by the computer. So you just download the PDA in that installer.

It’s very simple, you just have to double-click, then run it and basically, it installs the drivers for you. You just have to do nothing, just click Next>next>Next and the drivers will be installed on your computer. The step number 1: Then you have to download MTK Android Tools.

The latest version right now is two point five point three and we will need this tool to change the IMEI number. So, actually, we are ready to go. Now you can connect the smartphone to the computer.

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Just once again make sure USB debugging mode is enabled and if the smartphone is not recognized by the tool, we are going to use right now, then try to switch from USB storage to MTP mode or charge only.

This usually does the trick. Just now connect your smartphone to your computer. As you thought it’s connected right now and as you can see I have USB storage mode enabled on some phones this works but on some phones, you have to switch to MTP mode.

But anyway, let’s just run MTK Droid Tools, be sure to run it as administrator and just click yes here. Further, you can only use this tool here on the windows, so that’s a huge problem.

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If you’re using Linux if you use for instance Mac, then just go to a friend which has Windows PC and you just have to download the simple tool and go through the procedure available in this guide on ALLTECHBUZZ.

So, we’re nowhere in MTK Android Tools, you can see here several buttons and basically, you can see your phone information so your real hardware. And you should also check this out and here you should see the IMEI number.

And, currently, my IMEI is invalid because I have 1234567890000 etc. Now, you will have to have root access in order to change the IMEI number. This can be a problem because my phone is rooted and you see MTK Android Tools detect the superuser binaries here in the folder system bin.

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And, it’s still not rooted, so you have to press the root button to get and temporary root shell access. Click Yes and this usually works if the superuser binary is found on the smartphone.

If it doesn’t work, you have to reroute your smartphone because something went wrong and you don’t have a proper root shell access.

And, yeah root shell access is really important. Without proper root shell access, you can’t change the IMEI number, you can’t back up your ROM. 

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So, make sure it is working. And, yeah, it can take upto one minute, but I think something is messed up right now because it doesn’t load anymore and my smartphone just froze.

But, anyway I will try to fix this and we will do a little cut here. And, I will just try to reboot. Anyway, you see that root shell access is really important. I had to reboot and just re-grant access to the ADB shell.

So, also check your smartphone if there’s a popup like something ground crucial access to MTK Droid Tools. Just be sure to accept this. If still, you’re facing any questions regarding How To Get IMEI Number Of Phone (In Android Programmatically), please do let us know in the comment box given below.

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