February 5, 2019

How To Increase Mobile Battery Life/Capacity – Power/Backup Tips

How To Increase Mobile Battery Life/Capacity – Power/Backup Tips – In today’s guide on ALLTECHBUZZ Media, here are few secrets to prolong your battery life of the phone.

Nothing can ruin your mood faster than having a low battery on your phone and no charger in sight to avoid the mini panic attack we all have when we see that little icon flashing at the worst time possible.

1: Turn Off Notifications – Pretty much all mobile apps send you the push notifications. On the one hand, this is conventional because you don’t miss important information, but taking advantage of this function, eats up a lot of your phone’s energy and kills the battery.

You can turn off notifications from apps you rarely use keeping Bluetooth, Wi-Fi infrared capabilities and GPS Switched off until you need to use them. Does a lot for your battery life as well.How To Increase Mobile Battery

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How To Increase Mobile Battery Life/Capacity – Power/Backup Tips

2: Switch Off Vibration -If you want to conserve energy on your phone, switch off the vibrate function, the thing is that, this option uses up your battery and to be honest, you don’t really need it.

You can instead leave your phone on silent or use the ringtone setting with the volume turned down as low as possible.

3: Set your Screen Auto-Lock to the minimum – How long your screen stays lit up while your phone is inactive?

It is typically one or two minutes by default. But, if you really want your battery to serve you longer, put Auto Lock on the shortest time available in your settings.

The minimum option is usually fifteen to thirty seconds, but some models even allow you to set it to ten.

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4: Dim the brightness of the display – Turn the brightness of the screen to the lowest setting possible or at least as close to it as you can.

While still being able to see everything a brightly lit screen as a true battery killer which is exactly why minimal brightness will help save your battery’s life.

5: Turn off Background App Refresh – Nowadays, most phones can automatically update your apps without bothering to ask for your approval.

But, of course, this process consumes a lot of your phone’s charge since the upgrades can be pretty big.

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6: Switch Off 3G/ LTE: If you urgently need to save what little battery life you have left, switch off not only Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and similar features, but also 3G LTE as well cut your phone’s access to the internet.

It will significantly prolong your battery life.

7: Turn on Airplane Mode – A quick way to switch off Bluetooth Wi-Fi and mobile data are to put your phone on Airplane Mode.

It doesn’t usually turn off GPS though, so you will likely still need to switch that off yourself.

What’s also cool about Airplane Mode is that if you keep it on while your phone’s changing, your battery will get full faster.

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8: Don’t let your phone search for a signal – If you are ever in an area where you have poor cell reception, your phone won’t stop searching for a better connection and doing this it will drain the battery.

Ever forgotten to put your phone on Airplane Mode during a flight, exactly the best way to avoid this situation is to check that you have a good signal at all times and if you notice the signal isn’t perfect, just turn on aeroplane mode.

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9: Don’t wait until your battery is dead – To charge your phone, we are all guilty of it using our phones until they tragically die in our hands and usually at the worst moment possible.

Then, we plug it into the charger and wait until the battery goes from zero to 100%. But, letting the battery run all the way down actually damages it.

That’s because modern lithium batteries are specifically made to be charged in short quick sessions if that’s what they’re designed for.

Then we should do it, that way.

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10: Don’t use additional functions – If your battery is running down or even if it’s not. But you just don’t have a charger with you, avoid using additional functions like the camera, the flash, for example, will drain your phone’s battery life in a flash, literally.

11: Keep Calls Short – A dying battery is one of the most used white lies out there when we want to end a boring conversation on the phone.

But, even if your battery is found at the moment and you’re chatting up a storm with your best friend, but longer you talk, the faster your battery drains, so keep it short if you don’t want your phone to go black on you.

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12: Adjusting network settings may help – When given a choice between 2G, 3G and 4G, we all, of course, go for the biggest and best sure 4G.

It gives us a faster connecting but it uses a lot of juice to provide you with such outstanding service when you choose 4G in the settings.

Both 4G and 3G Radios are turned on which is why your phone loses charge two times faster so if you really need to save the battery, turn off 4G or even 3G and go with 2G instead.

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13: Avoid animated or moving background – If you like having animated wallpaper on your phone, that’s cool and all but you should know that all that moving and grooving drains your battery if that doesn’t sound like in a cup of tea.

Keep your phone’s background simple. In fact, a black one is better in this respect. When the picture is black, all the pixels are off, so your phone doesn’t have to use its energy to light them.

And, there are some more tips that will help prolong the life of your phone’s battery.

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Batteries produced by other companies usually cost less, but they’re also optimised worse than original ones and this can harm your device.

It’s better to pay more once than spend a fortune repairing your phone. Prepare a new battery for use – If you buy a brand new phone, fully charge its battery before you start using your device.

Remember that nickel-based batteries, need to be charged for upto 16 hours for the first time and then run through three or four full charges to empty cycles lithium-ion batteries need only 5 to 6 hours for the first charge and even if your phone tells you that the battery is full before this time is up.

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Ignore it if the battery hasn’t been initialized. It won’t work to full capacity throughout its lifespan. Don’t skip on software updates, this is a super simple rule to follow.

Always keep all your apps and software up to date each new version of a programme, as a rule, is optimized better than the last one.

If you’re having any questions regarding How To Increase Mobile Battery Life/Capacity – Power/Backup Tips, do let us know in the comment box below.

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