January 7, 2019

How To Select TV Channels: TRAI New Recharge Rule (2019 Onwards)

How To Select TV Channels: TRAI New Recharge Rule (2019 Onwards) – After 29th December 2018 onwards, DTH new rules are implemented from the side of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). In this post, DTH New Rules by TRAI | TV Channels ₹130 Tariff Plans for D2H & Cable TV Explained with Channel List. Also, we will be providing the complete channel list as well in which you can see if the SD (Standard Definition) or HD (High Definition) channel rates are given.How To Select TV Channels

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How To Select TV Channels: TRAI New Recharge Rule (2019 Onwards)

Thus, stay tuned with us till the end. First of all, whether you are watching Sony TV, Sab TV or Zee TV, they’re not just channels. But they are big brands and companies Star India Private Limited, SONY pictures Network India private limited, Zee Entertainment Enterprise limited.

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These channel companies are actually the broadcaster. They’re mainly responsible to generate the content. But, by the time content is reached to our Home Television, there must be a mediator or distributor or cable operator (all the three are one and the same thing) in between to manage these channels. So, Airtel, DTH, Tata Sky etc. are all distributors only.

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Now, it takes up the channel from the broadcaster and shows the channel to us. Thereafter, the money we sent back to the distributor gets back to the broadcaster with some commission of distributor with it. Now the actual problem was that the public was not willing to watch as many channels as provided by the distributors. Thus, TRAI new rule just says – choose the channels you want to watch.

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The original problem here was that the distributor was the boss in this case. Like happened in the case of the Tata Sky. Because of some conflicts, Tata Sky completely removed off all the channels of the Sony Network. Following which, ones who paid for the same earlier were dumped in the problem.

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Don’t even think that this new rule of TRAI has taken place overnight. Everything has been changed now but the procedure was seriously too long. First, on 3rd March 2017, it was published for the first time. Then after the long discussion, it was launched first time on 3rd July 2018. After that 180 days timeline was given to all the distributors and were asked to have their systems configured according to this new rule.


Now if you count 180 days from 3rd July 2018. Then the date will be 29th December 2018. The first point of this tariff plan is that you will be getting the space of 100 channels in just 130 Indian national rupees. In other words, this is the maximum capacity of the channels you can watch in the respective space. Now after buying the space you can select the channels with your help.

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There are actually two types of Channels on the television. First ones are free to air and the second one being Paid channels. Needless to say, you need not to pay for a single penny for all those channels which are Free to Air. The list of all the free channels and paid ones can be checked from the official website of TRAI easily that is – www.trai.gov.in. Full form of TRAI just to let you know is Telecom Regulatory Authority of India which is a Government agency.

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Now almost 25-26 channels space will be occupied by the DD or Doordarshan Channels (in which almost all of them are Free to Air). Remaining, you can fill the channels as per your choice. If you want to fill all the free ones, then okay and also if you’re willing to fill all the paid ones.

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Here, you also need to understand the game of SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) channels. Here, if you try to fill up the HD (High Definition) channels right here. Then you will have to take care of the fact that 1 HD (High Definition) channel = 2 SD channel. Means one HD (High Definition) channel will be taking up the space of 2 SD (Standard Definition) channels in the Rs. 130 space you’ll buy.


Apart from that, all the distributors have also got one more other option. TRAI has asked them that they can also prepare a bouquet. bouquet means, they can prepare a bunch of channels in which all their HD or SD channels can lie. In Short answer of How To Select TV Channels: TRAI New Recharge Rule (2019 Onwards) is that – you can call your DTH operators and have your channels set by them for you.

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