February 25, 2019

How To Find Longitude and Latitude On Google Maps? (2019 Update)

How To Find Longitude and Latitude On Google Maps? (2019 Update) – First of all, you need to open Google Maps. So, go to www.maps.google.com. You need to bring up whatever you are looking for on the map.

You can either do this by zooming in or searching. In this example, we are going to find the latitude and longitude of AIIMS New Delhi.

Type this into the search box. You will see that the map is zoomed in New Delhi, the capital city of India. And the marker has appeared on the where the AIIMS New Delhi Building is located. Right, click on this marker and in the menu that appears click the What’s here option.

You will see in the search box at the top that a set of coordinates has appeared. The first one is the latitude and the second one is the longitude and that is how to get Google Maps latitude and longitude. You can easily repeat this process for any point on the globe.How To Find Longitude and Latitude On Google Maps?

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How To Find Longitude and Latitude On Google Maps? (2019 Update)

Here are some really cool google maps tricks. This guide on ATB includes the tricks for both the Google Maps Apps and the Google Maps website.

1: Share Real-Time Location – We have always had the ability to share from Google Maps, including a current location. However, a recent update lets you share your real-time location with multiple people. The new feature is available in the navigation drawer of Google Maps.

You can just tap on the option, and then select if you want to share your real-time location for an hour or multiple hours or until you manually turn it off. The location is then shared through a link.

The people with your real-time location link will then be able to share the location with you by simply turning on the toggle that says, share my location. This should come in really handy when you’re meeting a person somewhere and you’re not able to explain where exactly you are.

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Since you will be able to see the real-time location now, you should be able to locate someone better.

2: Save your parking location – if you are someone who forgets where you parked your car, well this feature is for you. google maps now let you save your parking spot on the map, yeah, you can thank us later.

You can just park your car, open google maps, tap on the blue dot that shows your location. And, you should see an option as “Save Your Parking.” If you are parking in a space where there are multiple storeys, this will be helpful then.

Well, you can add more information, like your photo in the parking space, notes regarding the location, and even set the time till your parking spot is valid. 

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You can also move or adjust the blue dot for your parking space. Well, Google Maps is created keeping in mind to make everything easier for you. 3: Add multiple spots while navigating.

When you’re taking a long journey from one place to another. You will need to stop for food, breaks, gas station etc. Well, google maps now show you directions for a trip that includes multiple spots.

It is super easy when you are navigating a place, you just need to hit those three dot menu buttons on the top, and tap on Add Stop.

You can then add the stop you want, and you can repeat the same to add as many stops as you like. You can also change the priority of the stops with ease.

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When you want t travel to a place where you have no idea about, chances are you will first look for the location in the Google Maps, and then open the right booking app of your choice.

However, you can easily book caps from Google Maps itself, when you search for a place to navigate, there is a ride services tab at the end, you can see the rates, pricing, wait time of cabs at real time, availability etc.

There are multiple options and services supported, for instance in India, the support for Uber, Ola and Meru, plus you get to see the different ride types like Uber Pool, Uber Go, Uber X etc.

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To book a drive from google maps, you will have to link your respective account, it’s surely handy though, no need to keep the multiple apps now.

4. Avoid Toll Roads while Navigating – Toll roads are not always the best route to take, especially when there is a lot of traffic.

Plus, you also need to speed a little extra, Thankfully, google maps easily lets you avoid Toll Road when navigating, you will simply hit the three-dot menu button and tap on route options. Here you can just take the avoid toll road option and you’re good to go.

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There are also options to avoid motorways and fairies. Once done, Google will make sure the road you’re using is not a Toll road.

However, do keep in mind, that sometimes Google might take you through a longer route, which will make it all pointless, so don’t fall for it every time. Head for your upcoming plans – Google recently brought great integration between Google Maps, Calendar and Gmail app on Android, and that has resulted in a pretty sleek feature.

If we have any upcoming meetings or events, and the details of it are saved in the Calendar or Gmail, well map lists them out in its an upcoming tab.


Present in your places option. For instance, I am going out with the colleagues to the Nehru Place, I can just tap on its listing here and start navigating, so basically, you don’t have to type anything, you just need to have the information in the Google Calendar App.

The feature is awesome and liked by many, what is unliked is that this feature is so hidden. 5: Time Travel – My favourite google pams feature is the ability to time travel, While this has been part of the google maps website since 2014.

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It is still not something that many people know about, as the name suggests, the time travel feature lets you view street view imagery of a place for different years.

When you’re viewing the location of the street view, you will see a clock icon, which shows you the street view images for different years.

Overall the time travel feature in google maps is pretty cool but doesn’t seem to work in India. 6: Distance travelled with Google Maps. have you ever wondered, how much distance Google Maps has saved of you?

Even if you have it, it’s pretty cool. A third-party tool can let you check this, but you will need to download the data from google location history.

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Obviously, this will only work if you have had google location history turn on for you.

To download your Google maps data, head to the google maps website and open up the side bar, click on your timeline, here you can see al the place you have been to, all the trips, everything. Then click on the settings cog icon, click on Download a copy of all your data.

Then the process is pretty simple and you will have to make sure that the location history data is saved in the JSON format.

Once this zip folder is downloaded, just unzip the downloaded folder and heads to Kyleai page.

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In this page, just upload the download zip file and that’s it. You will now see some impressive tags, The number of miles you’ve travelled, the miles you’ve walked and run.

The data might not be very useful, but it’s definitely interesting. Hopefully, with this, all your questions regarding How Do I get coordinates from google maps, find the location by latitude and longitude to address, find my coordinates, latitude and longitude converter app the topics have been solved.

Still, if you’re having any doubt regarding the same, please let us know in the comment box below – How To Find Longitude and Latitude On Google Maps? (2019 Update).

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